I'm finally seeing some daylight as the pile of stuff in my office gets smaller, but there is one last thing that needs to go -- a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV set-top box. Almost a year after release, it's still one of the most capable Google TV units we've tried (and we've tried a bunch), and there is still plenty of life left in this one even after daily use for almost a year.

To win, you need to enter, and that's easy enough. Leave a comment below. At midnight Pacific, I'll shut the comments down and pick a winner. We use the email you registered with here at AC to contact you, so make sure it's valid and that you check it from time to time. 

Tomorrow, I'll announce all the spring cleaning winners here on the blog. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Sony NSZ-GZ7 Google TV player



Would love to have some google tv to replace the cable i gave up. AndroidCentral is the best for news

Owned the Logitech unit when it first came out for mucho bucks. Sucked. Still have it. Doesn't work at all anymore. I'd like to have another one, but afraid the shell out any bucks for it.

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I love you. Also i always wanted to try me some Google TV.
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Never really looked in to Google TV but I would be happy to get a closer look.

I'd like to see how this compares to the Sony media player I have (which I kind of hate) and the LG webOS smart TV we're working on for next year.

I know it's not what it could be, but I still love Google TV.

And free is always my price.

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I see this, and I immediately think Hack => Controllers => game system (helloooo emulators!)

This is exactly the kind of device that I want so bad but would never buy so ... ME ! ME ! ME ! [plz]

You've spring-cleaned a lot of stuff, but oh my, this is something I'm really excited to have a chance to win!

I'd love to have it. I have a gf and a few kids I'd like to educate on the wonders of Android.

Oh man, been trying to justify the cost of one of these for a long time... Free is eminently justifiable. :)

It would be great if you pick me! You will realize you've made an awesome choice! :)

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Oh, HECK yeah. Been on the bubble on that one for months now - take the pressure off me, please!

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry....this would go great to watch the movies off of Google Play....better than my phone. I can get you my address as soon as you need it.

If I win, I'll transform into a kitten-bear hybrid and kill humanity with cute fierceness.

Google TV - calm my beating heart. It would be better than Christmas. Thanks for the super giveaways.

More Google in my house is always a plus! Would be a great edition to my living room.. Hope I win :)

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Great, Summer gets better and better, thanks for this nice offer. Have a beautiful day.

Well I see you are getting rid of things. I honestly dont want this thing at all!! OK just kidding I want it!! Give it to me!!


I try....but never win anything except more bills in the mail. A Google TV box would be nice though.

I have always wanted a media player. this one looks cool!!!

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I just bought a TV and this would be a great pairing for mine and my gf's bedroom!

That would be an awesome travel companion for all my business trips!

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Alright, something that might make cable worth keeping.

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I've been wanting to try Google TV for a while. What better way than a free device.

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You're one cool dude Jerry. Thx for the spring cleaning and goodluck to everyone that entered!

Love the Sony products like this - WAY back, I picked up a Sony MagicLink from a Garage sale - if it had Wifi, I'd still be messing around with it, but it was from '94, so only had a phone jack for dial up!! :) Really powerfull for '94 though! I'd REALLY like to get my hands on this box - we've been streaming only in our house for a couple of years now, and always are looking out for new SetTopBoxes to get my hands on!!!!

I've purchased 3 different off brand ones which worked really well in the beginning but whenever something went wrong which happens with newer tech, the company couldn't be reached for warranty/return or to even just talk to!! This would be the best thing to happen to me this year!!

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