Samsung BT S Pen

Here's one you don't see every day. I've had this Samsung BT S Pen on my desk for months now. It's a larger S Pen than you get with the Galaxy Note 2 or Note tablets, and it also serves as a Bluetooth headset. Not a particularly great one -- I've tried it -- but it at least works.

You know the drill. Leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick a winner after midnight EDT tonight. We'll announce all the winners later this week.


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Spring cleaning: Win a Samsung BT S Pen



These things are nigh-impossible to buy in my part of the woods. Bling me up, andy!

I have a Note 2 and a Note 8. I use them both extensively for note taking at work, using a full size pen would be great! Android Central rocks!!

I would not only live this for myself, but would be a great addition to my wife's note that I'm getting her for mother's day!

Huge Samsung fan, we have a galaxy s3, galaxy note 2 and a nexus s4g, this s pen would be a great upgrade for ny note 2

I've had a BT pen on my Christmas list for a year now. My wife refuses to get me one.

I would certainly use that considering I have the galaxy note 10.1 and galaxy note 8.

Yess....i do like it.

This would be a solid addition to my phablet and looking at adding a full sized note tablet as well so a real sized S-Pen would be awesome.

I wish it could at least fit in the phone, but I can see how that might not be quite possible yet. Oh well, still cool to have! Just not worth the huge price tag :(

Just traded up from the note to the note ii so this would be a nice new accessory :)

This is my first time commenting here. Hope I can win this awesome bluetooth device. Thanks

This is my first time commenting here. Hope I can win this awesome bluetooth device. Thanks

Great big stylus and a cool Bluetooth headset all in one single piece of device... What not to love? Count me in!

I've actually lost my s-pen quite some time ago. Original Note user would love to have it a replacement. Phone hasn't been the same since the day I lost it.

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