Sergey Brin at Google IO

One of the cooler things you'll see at Google IO -- and there's a whole lot of coolness going on here -- is seeing the the Android and Google leadership wandering the floor, checking out the goings on. And who'd we just run into? Google co-founder Sergey Brin. And, yes, he's got his VFF's on.

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KarbonKopy says:

I wonder if he would of taken a picture with you guys. Not often would you get the chance to take a pic with a billionaire.... let alone Sergey.

I ran into him last year at Google I/O and I asked for a picture. He scurried away and put his nametag in his jacket. In typical Sergey style, he never looked up from his phone. I guess things have changed..

WarrenMSP says:

Ahhhh, so that's who that is.

jg274105 says:

Whoa! I was like WTF is a VFF? After Googling, looks pretty darn cool! Might have to buy a pair.

squane123 says:

They are pretty damn cool and you should buy a pair. Get the Kimodos, they are the all around do anything with them type. Love mine!!!

quiverskeep says:

Must be the guy on the left? I'm guessing the vffs are those funky shoes?

gecko says:

Seriously, if you got that close and DIDN'T take the opportunity to get a pic for your schmooze wall at the office, I will be very disappointed.

Or do they just assume that if you paid that much to get in you shouldn't get star-struck enough to ask.

Apparently VFF = Very Funky Feet.

Those shoes. Horrible. There by neet or something like that. Ugh.

They are Vibram 5 Fingers. Great running shoes!

Hope he doesn't Stephen broken glass

Love the 5 Fingers!!!

GrillMouster says:

He looks like an iPhone user with those shoes.

squane123 says:

They are the best workout shoes I have ever worn, plus just for wearing them around the house or to do random things they are second to none. Heck if a billionaire has them then it must be true...

JGarrido says:

I wonder if he *always* looks like he just shuffled in from a nap on the couch?

dchawk81 says:

"The worse you look, the smarter they think you are."