Drastically improved UI with better accuracy and new tools

Everyone's favorite app for comparing network speeds, Speedtest.net, has received a substantial update today with a new interface. The new interface won't be much of a surprise for anyone who has used the app recently on iOS, but it is drastically nicer looking than what Android users had previously. The app performs better in terms of UI but also in network accuracy, and packs a few extra features.

It is now easier to share speed results right from the first page, as well as dive deeper into your results by looking at their details and even where on a map each speed test took place. The new app is a welcomed update, and we're sure many of you will be grabbing this download as quickly as possible.


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Speedtest.net app updated with new interface, maps feature


Finally! Good app but it needed this update!

There is dirt, then 60 feet of crap, then there's iOS...

does processor, RAM, etc. affect results?

in other words will i see a different result on the same WIFI with say a G-Nex vs. a Nexus 4?

Yes, the device specs effect the results. You can see this by looking at the iPhone 5S WIFI speed test results vs the iPhone 5 on the same WIFI.

You can also these this when the upload starts on this version of the App, if you have certain cpu heavy apps, the upload will freeze and start, freeze and start.

In fact someone in the comments states they are getting different speeds in their two similar devices.

Ballooned from 4meg installed to over 14meg.
Bye bye SpeedTest. I don't need you that badly.

Have these programmers no pride in workmanship? This does nothing more than the prior version, but takes 4 times as much memory.

There are far smaller alternatives.

Unless you have a Nexus One with 512MB storage, 10MB extra won't do any harm... unless you're boycotting Ookla for "no pride in workmanship"...?

So you say.

But I have seen warnings already about insufficient storage to perform upgrades from core google apps recently. I fought this for months before finally giving up a 512meg Nexus One.

Now I have an HTC One X, with 6+ gig of app storage, 2 gig of main memory, and a boat load of Phone Storage.

You'd thing you wouldn't have insufficient storage messages in a relatively new phone. But Every little bit matters, And I don't use this app enough to warrant that much space.

Go into Settings, Apps, All apps, and sort by size. Other then CORE apps you won't find that many that are over 14meg. Drive, Google Voice, Google Music, Android system are all smaller.

But more to the point, they didn't add any functionality that warranted that big of a jump.

Why wouldn't all storage be available for apps? People wonder why Google frowns upon SD cards.

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It's a great update. Makes it easy to share with Sprint how slow their data is and how fast my wife's T-Mobile is.

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Looks great, but the speed it reports is grossly inaccurate. My home internet upload speed has never, ever, EVER passed 2.01 Mbps (I pay for and always get exactly 2 - thanks TWC) and this app is consistently reporting 5-6 Mbps up when on Wi-Fi.

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Yeah my upload is a strict 1Mbps. But via my Nexus4 over wi-fi it magically goes up to 1.6 to nearly 2Mbps.


All my PCs using the browser version all say 1Mbps.

When I was the iPhone version at iMore, I was super pissed. it looks so much better! Glad they updated the android version.

Love the new layout! Bout time.

Something funky though. I have 2 nexus 4 devices on the same network and plan (ATT). One N4 will only get 6.7Mbs maximum and the other pops up to 10-11. And this happens every time I measure these devices. Can't figure what's going on with that. Any ideas? It almost seems that the device has some kind of speed cap in place. I think it hits the same speed cap on tmo also. Weird!

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

such a bad update to the UI and UX, against google guidelines:

1. title in the middle, still like on IOS.

2. fake action bar with back button on the left, without the ability to long click on action items.

3. tabs at the bottom, like on IOS.

4. shown well only for some devices.

5. no UI handling of horizontal screens and tablets.

6. no landscape, so horizontal tablets are shown badly, like this:

7. not targetting the latest version of android, so the dialog style remains as on older android versions, which are black with the buttons switched.

8. very slow when switching between tabs, much slower than previous version. maybe because of the fancy animations.

9. when testing, it keeps getting the location from the GPS. it even checks for location after it finished the test (though it stops after a while). i'm pretty sure it should be enough for it to know in which city i am instead of the exact location...

10. general UI seems affected by IOS7 "flat" style, instead of Holo style.

Its annoying, that it keeps asking, but GPS can always be turned off on most devices.

The exact location info is so that know where you were able to get that cellular speed, or where in the field the wifi worked.

Something is wrong with this app.

I ran the old app on a weak wifi connection, and got 12 mbps download. Then I installed the update, reran the test using the same connection and server, and got 5 mbps down. Restored the old version, and back to 12 mbps. Repeated this process, and got the same results.

Something is seriously not right with the new app.

Maybe the app pings and connects to a different server. Your choice of server can affect test results.

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