Mobile ticketing on Southwest Airlines

Budget U.S. airliner Southwest Airlines has added mobile boarding passes to their mobile apps on Android and iOS. The update brings functionality to Southwest's app that competing carriers have offered for some time: just load up your boarding pass code on your smartphone and scan it on your way through security and when boarding your plane. Not only does it save on paper, it's more convenient with automatic location-based availability.

Southwest started testing the mobile boarding pass system last year in Texas, and is now rolling it out to airports across the United States.

When checking in for their flight online or with the Southwest app, customers will be able to request a mobile boarding pass. Those checking in online can have it sent via email or text, while those using the app will get it right from the app. And if you so desire to be all luddite-like, you can still print off a copy of your boarding pass on a sheet of dead tree.

The updated Southwest Airlines app is available now from Google Play.


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Southwest Airlines app introduces mobile ticketing


Great timing. I used this to fly to Vegas over the weekend and thought to myself, "how long have they had this? I don't remember seeing this before..." One thing that didn't work however, was the ability to save the boarding pass as an image to my gallery. It kept saying that it did, but it was never there. The boarding pass itself was a little slow to load, but it worked fine.

On the return flight, Virgin America, who still doesn't have an app, allowed me to use a mobile boarding pass from which was also pretty slick. Nice of both of them to catch up.

I am disappointed in the way AC constantly put dead trees to shame. I think that you should be more sensitive to mother nature's fallen children.

I am disappointed.


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