Sony's Google TV announcement

Sony is getting ready to unveil some Google TV products on Tuesday, Oct. 12. Invitations went out that promised the introduction of "the world's first Internet television." 

We're not sure if they will show off the rumored Blu-Ray players as well, but be on the lookout for details on the first Google TV powered televisions.

As always, we will have all the details when they come out, so be sure to come back to read all about the new and exciting products. [Cnet]


Reader comments

Sony to unveil Google TV products Oct. 12


Also trying to figure out what my isp is going to do when I start pulling TV over the net for hours on end.

Most providers saw this coming and put in bandwidth caps.

Google tv is a os that will bring every thing on you do from a laptop.just makes it will still need a isp and cable our sat provider to get the full experience from the google tv. think of it as adding video services as channels and the ability to browse the net,play games and all things easier.

I don't want junk like this and Netflix and etc built into my TV. I want my TV to be a *monitor* only. Everything else should be in some other box. You think it is hard to keep manufacturers interested in updating 1.5 or 2+ year-old Android phones? It will be FAR worse with TV's.