Sonos announced several weeks back that they were going to have a new version of their Controller app coming, and though they've had users beta testing it for a while, today we're getting our first glimpse at how it looks. And it looks good. The above video shows off the app on an iPhone and iPad, though you can expect a similar look and experience on the Android release as well.

The app brings the features we know and love about Sonos, just better looking and more smartly organized. Album art is surfaced across the app, as is discovery of new music from across the web. Most importantly, Sonos will have universal search across your libraries and streaming services.

We still don't have a time frame more specific than this spring for when the app will be available, but we're looking forward to it nonetheless. Sonos has confirmed that the new app will be compatible with Android devices all the way back to Android 2.1 (though why you would have a high-end high-tech sound system like Sonos and be using a phone still on Eclair is beyond us).

Sonos users, what do you think? Is this updated Controller app looking like everything you've dreamed it would be?

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Sonos shows off its hot new Controller app


It is definitely better. Been using the beta here and there and it works; takes a bit of getting used to.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 4

The app is great, especially the universal search. Would like to see that added to the Windows controller too.

Posted via Android Central App

If we android users EVER get a similar experience as ipad/iphone I will praise that company who does so! We usually get thrown together crap after the fact, months/year later that isnt quite the same....

Nice! I can't wait, I just got a Sonos amp a few days ago back and love it but the app is very gingerbreadry

Posted via my HTC One M8

Some people have/bought an old android phone just to use as a remote, hence the backward compatibility now comes in handy

So far I am singularly unimpressed with the new system, the first thing it did was to force me to update the controller on my iPad then promptly told me the os was no longer supported and there was no way back. No problem I thought , I will now use my kindle. Not only is the app worse than the old one, I now find it impossible to group my sons units.
For an expensive system, retrograde steps like this are unacceptable.