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Want to bring a little 16-bit retro gaming action to your Wednesday? Sonic CD, the time-travelling Sega CD platformer first released on Android in 2011, is available for free today through the Amazon Appstore, down from the regular price of $2.99. The game is a faithful recreation of the 1993 original, brought up to date by Christian Whitehead, the developer responsible for recent ports of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.

Want to grab it for free? You'll need to download it from Amazon before the end of the day.



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Sonic CD free on Amazon Appstore today


Did my daily routine; wake up, check free app of the day, download if good, jump to Android Central. The first article I read is this, I think to myself, already did that. Thanks

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Use the Website to add it to your app collection while it's free and download it whenever you find an extra 200+ mbs.

I pretty sure that I bought this via the Google Play Store when it was on sale for 99 cents but I'll double check.

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Holy balls I haven't played this game since 1999 on PC.
I didn't have a Sega Saturn at the time.

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You have to restart your device. I had the same problem with my Note 2 and I did a reboot and boom, now everything works flawlessly.

Am I the only one who could never get into the feel of classic, side-scrolling Sonic games? It might be my Nintendo heritage, but the layout and feel of Sonic games never made sense to me. Just too much stuff scattered, and I could never figure out how to get that perfect flow going that's supposed to be there.

Note: not bashing people who love these games. I know there are plenty of you, and I know this is probably MY issue. Just curious how alone I am.

There was a time that a lot of people said the Sonic Boom main theme from the original American Sega CD version was horrible, but Toot Toot Sonic Warrior is even more devastatingly awful...

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