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Sonar, a location-based social networking app for Android and iOS, has exited beta and is now available in Google Play for free.

Although Sonar plugs into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Foursquare to keep tabs on your existing friends, it can also be used as a discovery tool to meet new people. Users can broadcast their presence to other local Sonar users, or go black if they want to stay off the radar for awhile. All of the usual social elements are there, such as profiles, direct messages, updating statuses, and plenty more. 

Ideally, I stick with Latitude to keep up on where my friends are, but they're often scattered across multiple networks with their check-ins, plus meeting new people with similar tastes in hang-outs is always a good thing. To what extent do you guys use location-based social networking? Is Foursquare as far as you go? Do you ever actually meet anyone thanks to these networks? Is this sort of thing creepy, or the natural evolution of online socializing?


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Sonar's location-based friend-finding app for Android exits beta


As someone who is socially awkward, I can't figure out the purpose of this app. I'm trying it out, but I don't exactly understand what it's supposed to do for me.

I can see it's potential for those who are big into checking in and checking out where friends are and such. In stead of having to open each individual checkin app to see who is where it would be all in one place. Now if they can add latitude or G+ integration we would be just about complete.

Thanks for covering our app and for all the useful feedback! Simon, you definitely nailed one of Sonar's key benefits in that we show you your friends across networks, not just the ones who happen to be using the same service as you (Latitude or Foursquare, for instance). Please feel free reach out to feedback @ with any other questions or suggestions.