Samsung Mesmerize

Samsung Mesmerize owners who may have had issues with the initial Android 2.2 update from US Cellular are soon going to be getting another update to address any remaining issues. The update is currently available in stores that have a tech center, and a software update will be rolling out on June 14 for any remaining customers who may be experiencing issues. US Cellular never mentioned what issues, exactly it addresses but many users did report problems with the volume keys and missing calls on their device after having updated to Android 2.2.

Source: @USCellular; Facebook


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Software update soon to be released for the Samsung Mesmerize on U.S. Cellular


The US Cell twitter announcement did not mention OTA, it said "available online June 14."
So I imagine you'd have to go through Kies mini again, or maybe we'll be able to download the file and flash it directly.

Or you can go to a tech center today and stand in line.

The Mez already had froyo, but it was a flawed release. The biggest issue was that calls were not ringing the phone, even though the caller would hear ringing on the other end. And you wouldn't know you missed a call if the caller didn't leave a voicemail; wouldn't show up in the call log. Very annoying, and for some using a Mez to run their business, very unacceptable.
So yea, GB would be nice, but right now it's more important that Mesmerize users be able to receive phone calls.