Have you ever been somewhere, reading something, and got stuck on a word that you weren't quite sure what it meant? Don't be shy, you are not alone, it happens to me all the time, and to be honest it can be rather frustrating, having to attempt to figure it out, or having to open the Dictionary.com application and then typing the word to find the definition. Well, gone are those days, now simply launch SnaPanda, click on the word you are unsure of, and boom, definitions are found that easily. In addition to definitions, you are able to view some expressions of how the word is used, and also add it to a list for easy accessibility at a later time. Check out the video above, and then download and test for yourself, this is an application everyone will find use for in their daily life. Download links available after the break.


Reader comments

SnaPanda - a great twist on a dictionary application


Thanks for your nice review, Jared.

We'd love to hear back from other new users as well. Your feedback is precious to us, as others have already helped the Panda grow up from a wee whippersnapper to the Beta Panda he is today. With your help, he'll be full-grown in no time. :)


The Panda Caretaker

Haven't heard of camtranslator, though I'll check it out. Thanks.

All the same, SnaPanda isn't a translator. It's more of an educational tool because it provides a definition, values the context of a word, and provides the opportunity for revisiting those words in order to master them over time.

Cheers, Brad