Smartphone slowdown results in weaker second quarter for Samsung

Samsung acknowledges that it faces some challenges ahead as it advises investors that the second half of fiscal 2014 may be a difficult period. The world's largest smartphone-maker says that slow downs in the smartphone market affected its earnings in the second fiscal quarter of 2014 and to combat that, the company promises more competitive products in light of stiffer competition.

Profits at Samsung Electronics fell by about 20 percent compared to the same quarter a year ago. This year, the company reported net profits of just $6.09 billion (6.25 trillion won), down from $7.57 billion (7.77 trillion) last year.

The company noted that several factors affected its sluggish performance, including slow sales of phones and tablets and higher marketing costs. Additionally, a stronger Korean currency is also hurting Samsung's earnings report.

In addition to making some of the world's most popular smartphones and tablets, Samsung also makes memory, processors, LCD panels, OLED panels, TVs, consumer electronics and other appliances, and cameras.

What do you think Samsung should be doing to reverse course and end the year right?

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Smartphone slowdown results in weaker second quarter for Samsung


Dump touchwiz, focus on making the phones higher quality, spend less on marketing and more on r&d, stop playing it safe with designs people want and expect more. Focus on making a cohesive phone not one that feels like it's just checking the boxes rather being designed to be great.

This guy should be Samsung’s CEO right? Lol. To be honest though, a lot has to do with design and materials used to make the housing of the phone. Perhaps when implementing a new feature it should run very instead of half assed like the finger print scanner.

That's why they never listen to what members say in Android forums.
Dump TW and do what? Use that boring stock Android? Name one device running on stock/stock-ish Android that sold more that what Samsung sold? I will be very surprised if the present darling of Android fans (Moto) even sold 10% of what Samsung sold.
Supposedly Moto has all the things you wished for, so why it's can't sell more than Samsung?

I just hope Samsung never reads or gives any importance to such posts. Come back and lecture Samsung when another vendor outsells Samsung.

Note: 2 companies which made most improvement in market share this Q are Huawei and Lenovo. None of them follow what you said. Both of them are doing what exactly Samsung did (or doing). Just that their phones cost even less.

A perfect article for the common haters who don't buy Samsung products or probably can't afford to.

At the end of the day what SAMSUNG gains in profit is six times more revenue than Htc, Sony, Motorola, and Google famed and failed Nexus line products.

I don't mention LG and Huawei because they too are far better than Htc, Sony, Motorola, and Google's famed and failed Nexus line products from a revenue standpoint.

At the end of the day SAMSUNG owns the Global market share, the android market share at 69% and that's been since May 2011 total domination as well as 71% of the Smartwatch industry and 25% tablet market.

My question to all the common haters WHERE IS THE REST OF THE ANDROID PLATFORM???? It's a sad world when you make products and don't profit Htc, Sony, Motorola, and Google's famed and failed Nexus line products know all about that very well.

At the end of the day it's the users who determine what matter and what doesn't in the tech game today and clearly like it or not SAMSUNG is android nothing else matters period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Wow. Just WOW! So because more people buy Samsung products, it is a better product? Makes sense...

" richardyarrell1 says:
Plain and simple Verizon Wireless sucks major monkey balls period.
CDMA never again, Devices filled with disabling bloatware never again.
From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App"

[Note: If something has balls it doesn't have a period, period.] - Grammar/Punctuation Police

Explain why more people choose Verizon Wireless if it "sucks major monkey balls period"? I'm basing this on YOUR logic, not my own.

Hard core sammy fan boys are just as bad as iSheep. I agree with you @wpn00b Samsung is GREAT at marketing so they deserve to have over 70 percent market share. But there's no way in hell ANYONE will tell me that sammy is the best when we all know its not.

I don't like Samsung but at the end I got Note 3 and Tab Pro 8.4 they fit my requirements better. I can afford whatever Samsung throws out. Now after using them for an extensive time, I will NEVER ever get Samsung again, especially with TW. Note 3's camera is crap at low light, Tab Pro 8.4 lags and force close many times. Anything BUT Samsung, please.

their net profit is still higher than google's, LG and the other known android OEM's combined. They'll be fine

Yeah, they're doing fine now but people are giving other manufacturers a try and liking them. I think LG and Sony are leading the pack in design and high tech implementation. Moto is also doing well on the high-mid range handsets. HTC is doing okay but needs to improve on making their phones smaller for the size of their screen size. And no, it's not just the low end market that Samsung is decreasing in, it's all of them.

At the end of the day SAMSUNG has the most retention when it comes to users who buy their products year after year that won't be changing any time soon.

The rest of the android platform is a putrid JOKE a place filled with boring stock android phones that have poor battery life, crappy camera, and putrid storage options nobody wants.

Everybody says choice is king then choose not to buy Samsung if that's the case because the users who will are doing just fine that's why Samsung has been the android leader for over four now.

I laugh at the common haters who need prices breaks or bargain basement shop then walk around with a crappy camera or a handset running stock with piss poor battery life.

Guess you what you pay for. It's pretty plain and simple with me nothing beats Samsung period they are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Wrong! It's the other way around. Without Android Samsung would be nothing. I guarantee you if Samsung made phones that ran a different OS their sales would be horrendous. There are somethings that Samsung adds to the Android OS that are positive but for the most part, Samsung is successful because they've been innovating on the hardware front AND they have/had great marketing.

As we're the previous sales leaders, such as HTC. Leading sales now doesn't mean forever. As other oem's continue to innovate they will capture more market if Sammy doesn't start to think outside the box a bit.

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They stopped creating demand for their products. Saturation only worked in the short run. There's no demand because they release release and release products. HTC, Moto, learned. Nexus knows as well as iPhone. Not saying their strategy didn't work cause obviously it did, but when you got big wigs "voluntarily" giving up their bonuses, it's a big issues internally.

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HTC haven't improved any sales as far as I know. It's primarily the new extremely low cost Chinese flagship phones cutting into Samsung's sales. What Samsung has to decide is whether they want to join the race to the bottom to increase market shares or try to create more exclusive phones which they then can keep the high profit margins on. The third choice is, what it seems like they're doing, create a new flagship series with high profit margins and then they'll probably turn the Galaxy S series into the ones to compete with the Chinese models.

As far as I understand Google are going to release a more centrally catered Android later this year, which will make the Touchwiz question irrelevant. Not that Touchwiz is affecting any real life sales outside the nerd realms...

Not true. I have friends who are technologically challenged, but after going to the store with no previous knowledge of current flagships and trying out the M8, S5, and G3, switched over from their old Galaxy phones to either the G3 for the screen and easier to use software or the HTC One M8 for its responsive software, speakers, and build. While software wasn't the sole reason, it definitely played a part in their decision.

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In that case we shall see HTC and LG selling more than 70m phones in next IDC report and Samsung probably selling nothing.

HTC has turned a profit for Q2 this year. They learned to stopped having 181 different variants of phones. Focus on top and mid tier phone and create a demand for their product. Although not out the woodwork they learned.

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Richard Yarrell incoming: "Well it's plain and simple nothing beats Samsung....Galaxy Note is the best...HTC sucks even though I used to be a fanboy..."

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One

He's coming better hide your kids hide your wife cuz Richard annoying everybody out Der

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Samsung has some really great tablets with the new 10> inch devices. Their phones on the other hand suck, and they make way to damn many versions of the same thing. Just look at the tablets: Galaxy Tab 4, Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note 2014, Galaxy Note Pro, and the list goes on.

If Samsung wants to start making money they need to: 1. Streamline their product lines into 1 line of tablets; 1 line of phones so they have a small, low end phone, a bigger mid range phone, then two large high end phones.

2. Scrap their god awful software including the entirety of touchwhiz. Stock Android ain't broke and they shouldn't be trying to fix it. Samsung's software is o bad that it can bring a high end phone to a lag.

3. Spend that money saved on designing products that are built well, and people want.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, that is the big problem with the discussion on places like this. The ones who needs to start making money are Sony, HTC. Those two can't keep being unprofitable, as they are running out of options pretty fast. No more "streamlining" will help them.

I agree that their TW is incredibly bloated, but they can't use stock Android. They have to have their own innovations to set them apart from other Android phones.

Yep. I have a Tab Pro. The screen is quite good (Pentile though...), but the software really lets it down. Also, an update to 4.4.4 is not even on sight and I don't think that's acceptable for a premium product that retailed at £450.

To be honest, I knew what I was getting and the only reason I went with Samsung is because of a lack of choice among large Android tablets. Google doesn't seem to care about tablets anymore and I doubt Samsung is selling many of those so I'm afraid that soon enough the iPad will be standing alone on the tablet high-end.

Not much Samsung can do to stop this bleeding, sure they can cut cost and give up on some of their margins but that still won't solve their problem. They need to face facts they are nothing but a hardware oem with scale. They don't have an ecosystem to speak off, or control their own OS. When you don't control these things then competing on price is your only option.

We will see, I will look forward to reading your excuses when that happens. I wil be here to quotes all of you fan droids.

Lol I guess the apple threads have nothing special going on today if their fags are over here... Here so you can read on your tiny shitty screen APPLE SUCKS (UNLESS YOU WANT A FANCY PAPERWEIGHT)

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blasphemy! wait for toukale to quote financial achievements of apple copy pasted from apple insider's "reliable" sources

I wonder why Apple are sending so many of their employees to troll on all Android sites, everywhere. I think they understand that these Chinese low cost alternatives will be their doom in a few years.

Trolling won't change that, Apple.

The fan droids are crying because they are watching their best hope and only android oem that's actually making money on android going down in flames and there is nothing they can do about it. Well they don't have anything to copy from the iPhone or Apple. Wake me up when smartphones we use changes fundamentally from what apple set in 2007. Every smartphone out now is an iPhone clone, from the OS on down.

yey apple will make bigger phones when they previously said nobody will buy a big phone. apple copying something again from android phones

Yes, making a bigger or smaller size of your phone pass for innovation these day. No wonder the industry is stuck waiting on apple to change the game again. When I look at every phones and tablets out there I see clones. They did not just clone the OS but everything from apple. Now everyone has an AppStore. Everyone love apps, again another precedent set again by apple. I can go on and on.

And Apple is copying Google in iOS8. Third party keyboards, password managers and other new things that have been announced for iOS8 that Android has had for years.

Jim Lloyd

Typical tell me, how have you been customizing your iPad or iPhone lately to increase its functionality??? Let me guess, you changed the, I'm saying IOS sucks ass!!! Lololololol

Posted via Android Central App

Ya, clone OS with about 100 times the capability and versitility........but it's all good, IOS was designed for the technologically challenged, so have fun with it dude, lololol

Posted via Android Central App

Sure, keep telling yourself that. Phandroids can hate all they want but they have to acknowledge everything about their OS and ecosystem is a clone of iios. Damn, those boys at Cupertino did a lot for ya! Your should just shut it and say thank you.

Apple didn't have a notification shade until ios5. The G1 (AKA: the first nexus) on T-Mobile had it first.
As for the app store, the original iPhone only had 17 apps, no app store, and no copy and paste.
Btw, when is apple going to have some home screens and not be just an app draw? It will go well with widgets. Iphones have widgets right? Or are they going to copy Android again? Lol
Wow, taking to Apple fan boys is like talking to fox news fans. They know Less facts then people who don't watch the news.
Posted via Android Central App using the all new HTC One (m8)

Don't need to. It does what I want right out of the box.

Why does iOS suck in your opinion? Why should I need to customize and "increase it's functionality" or "versitility" (maybe you should increase the functionality on that spell check...) if it works for me out of the box?

I get support calls on mostly Android devices if that tells you anything about the problem with putting advanced devices with so much "versitility" in the hands of the masses that understand nothing about technology other than what the Android-biased sales guy told them.

Apparently iOS sucks so much that Apple feels the need to send an army of shills to Android sites to troll about it. Is that good enough for you?

Well, you're right about Apple not showing any signs of innovation of late. That is really not a problem for Samsung, or anybody else. Pathetic little Apple shill.

No. Just to clarify, I'm not trolling about it, so I'll assume that was part of your answer and not a call-out. I just want to know how it sucks based on what this person stated:

"so tell me, how have you been customizing your iPad or iPhone lately to increase its functionality??? Let me guess, you changed the, I'm saying IOS sucks ass!!!"

Using the comment I was replying to as an example, being unable to increase my iPads functionality and "versitility" = "sucks ass!!!" apparently but how?

Maybe I use more than one OS and don't have to shill for any of them at all. Maybe the actual shilling happens when you make comments as inflammatory as "x OS sucks ass", without any reasoning behind it.

I dislike Android the most out of all of the OSs but that is mainly because the OEMs don't take responsibility for their own defects. I don't see that sort of thing with Apple or Windows Phone and perhaps that is because they operate on a smaller scale overall (less users). Who knows! But bugs sure rear their head a lot more on Android in my experience (I'm not talking your personal scenario so please spare the anecdotal evidence. I'm talking 6 years in technical support dealing with same issues over and over on a given phone...nevermind the 4 years before that where this OS didn't even exist on the market, which is still anecdotal but I'm saying it so it's more important :))...but that doesn't mean Android "sucks ass!!!"

And of course they are entitled to their opinion. It is my opinion that their opinion sucks.

Anyways, I guess I'm just sick of this fan-boyish behavior and this one in particular caught my eye. The alternative viewpoint is true as well. It's just lame that people go back and forth with this stuff without actually having used the alternative OS, or device, yet personally attack each other.

These forums are for more constructive use but it's okay, throw around the unsubstantiated "sucks ass!!!" and "army of shills" simply because someone is asking another to think about what they are saying before they comment/make a blanket statement that is false.

Blindfolds for everyone! wpn00b is handing them out so you won't see all the issues Microsoft has been sweeping under the rug lately. The biggest one is of course WP7... During the time Microsoft were selling WP7 devices they (you?) were busy trolling Android and its OEMs about them not taking responsibility for updating all devices like Microsoft always do. A few months later Microsoft gave all WP7 device owners the big middle finger by saying none of them would get any more updates. And it's very likely WP 8.1 will meet the same destiny when WP9 is announced.

Thanks for answering the question.

BTW, you pegged me! I am a shill for Microsoft, Google and Apple and NASA. I came to Android Central to look for signs of intelligent conversation yet found none. There were signs of hope, but the primitive fanboy-ism and immaturity seems to have kept outsiders at bay. I'm afraid if we delve any deeper, it may spark a frenzy.

You are doing all the trolling, but since I feel like playing along...

Sweeping under the rug? Recently? If by recently you mean fully disclosing in June 2012..I guess that's kinda recent. Anyway, look out! Facts below!!

For those who don't wish to click the link, it shows the lifecycle of support for Windows Phone. So, Summer 2012 it was announced that WP 7 hardware won't run WP 8, due to compatibility issues. Windows Phone 7 ran on that CE kernel from Win Mobile, while Win 8 runs on the NT kernel used by Windows 7.

7.8 was released in Jan or Feb 2013. Will be supported with updates, if any are needed until Sept of 2014. It was brought as close to WP8 as possible with the new Start Screen.

8 follows the same pattern of a set date at which update support will end. That date is set to 3 years from Dec 2012. That puts us at Dec 2015. However, ALL Windows Phone 8 hardware is capable of updating to 8.1 with all features supported by the hardware intact...such as Cortana. The iPhone 4 couldn't even run Siri, yet the 4S could...only a year later.

WP 8.1 is currently set to receive support until 7/11/2017. So, all WP8/8.1 hardware running today receive support until 7/11/2017.

No need for me to troll. How about answering my question now?

And again. Go back a few months before that KB, read what Microsoft and their trolls like you were writing on the internet. Microsoft that despite knowing they were lying through their teeth about the upgradeability of WP7.

WP7.8 was a joke. It was an extra line of icons. To give the impression of WP8. It was also delayed by 8 months on most phones, even though it didn't offer much change and despite the fact that they only had a handful of models to update.

What I'm saying is, you're really quick to find flaws with Android, most of them made up lies about reliability and security, while you pretend Windows Phone is somehow flawless.

Oh ok...I can see that you're not worth much more of my time. Fun while it lasted but you aren't interested in making any sense other than to continue your epic troll existence.

1. I'm not a shill or a troll. I don't speak in absolutes like you. I give each OS it's fair shake and call it like I see it. Android is a great OS, but its hardware partners could use some lessons in customer service and bug-fixing.
2. You said "lately". I went back 2 years and yet that isn't far back enough for you.
3. Where in this comments thread did I do this?:
"you're really quick to find flaws with Android, most of them made up lies about reliability and security, while you pretend Windows Phone is somehow flawless."

I never lied or exalted WP. My initial comments were about iOS, and when I did bring up issues with Android I placed the blame squarely on the manufacturers mucking with the software and not owning their defects.

I wasn't even on WP until 8 so all that other shit about 7.8 you were saying is irrelevant as well: "read what Microsoft and their trolls like you"...Lumping one user of a smartphone OS into a poor perception you had of someone else that had that in common with them... Hmm...I bet you're a racist piece of shit! Taking out your anger on me based on a poor encounter with someone that used WP in the past.
Do all asian people look alike to you also? Do you cross the street if you see a black person walking your way? I wouldn't put it past you.

Knee-jerk reactions, blanket statements, assumptions and absolutes... tsk tsk. You have a lot to learn.

I'm done here.

I gave you a true fact about how Microsoft mislead their own buyers with Windows Phone 8, by making owners and buyers of devices like the Lumia 800 and 900 believe they would get updates for years, as Microsoft openly trolled Android about not updating their phones after selling them. This was at a time when phones like the Galaxy S2 were in the stores. That phone was updated for years.

You're keeping that trolling up by still claiming Android OEMs never update their devices (someone really should give you a new checklist for trolling) and still manufactures like Samsung updates their phones.

I say, based on recent facts, that the ones who should worry about buying a phone that will have a dead-end firmware are the ones buying Windows Phone 8.1 devices, as it is very likely Microsoft will pull the same stunt again.

You're just jumping in here, spreading lies and FUD, and gets upset when people present you with facts that proves you wrong. Then you, a corporate shill and troll, goes out and calls everybody who disagrees with you trolls... I mean, how pathetic are you?

To answer your question about why ios would "sucks ass" due to lacking functionality and versitility, that's really just my opinion, as well as millions of reasoning for feeling this way is simply that in apples eyes, one size fits all, and one form of functionality fits all.....the ability to customize android to the user liking is mind blowing. And it's simply non existant in IOS.....if I have to explain this, then you obviously don't have extensive experience or knowledge of the android platform

I on the other hand DO have extensive experience with both platforms, and as a power user, they just can't even be compared, android is FAR superior

However, I also will acknowledge that IOS is an excellent OS in its own right, and it certainly has its benefits. Also, it is true that their tablet system has been optimized beyond androids current state......and IOS and and apples app standards make the platform look good visually, and function well too.

It really just depends on what you you want a highlystable OS that provides high quality apps and the same look and functionality for all, or do you want another high quality OS with high quality apps and the ability to increase its already insane functionality to mind blowing levels

Posted via Android Central App

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I asked of you how it sucks but the other person came in and I asked him the same and he never answered it. That's who I began directing my comment to. And no, you don't need to explain it. I have plenty of experience with android. Going on 7 years now of daily use. I've yet to touch Android L but I used everything from Cupcake to KitKat. The point I was making in asking that question was to show that it is a matter of user opinion. It doesn't suck ass in absolute terms, it just doesn't allow you to do what you want it to do. But telling anyone and everyone that they should not use an OS because it sucks ass and the reason it sucks ass is because it doesn't let you do whatever you do with yours, rather than discovering their needs is doing that person a disservice.

I had no issue with you not answering. I began directing my question at that other person that was throwing accusations and attributing "troll" posts to me that weren't mine.

Thanks again for answering.

EXCUSE ME WHO still stuck with the same OS since 2007? and now are coping from android by incorporating features that android user have been enjoying for years?

This. The people I know who upgraded to the S5 were coming from the S3 or were iPhone users. A lot of people got the S4 and the S5 isn't worth the upgrade for those people.

Posted via Android Central App

You certainly know a lot of people. I'm impressed. PS - I went from the S4 to S5 and it was well worth the upgrade. Lets see...the camera improvement is huge, I can actually see the thing in the sun. the color white on the screen is actually white and not a whitish / blueish / tan. The back cover is much grippier. It's water resistant/ battery life is much better. etc etc. I'm not Samsung fanboy but the S5 checks all of the boxes for me so I went for it.

Reimburse people for free that shattered their camera lense protector housing, the charging flap as well. This is my first samsung phone and after 2 weeks of having it in a case, it fell flat on its back....thank god, and the housing to the camera lense shattered....

I like this phone, but in two years, it'll be almost guaranteed that I'll be leaving samsung.

Posted via Android Central App

I left Samsung when they started to dictate when and where I could use my Sim free phone ..HTC m8 suits my needs very nicely thank you ..
As for iPhone I can't even get a data connection where I am now ...funny HTC can get one ...

Posted via Android Central App

I remember when the S4 came out, call after call rolled into my carrier about S4s that cracked overnight while sitting on a nightstand or in their pocket. They didn't even drop the phone as you admitted to. They just broke underneath the glass panel, on the actual LCD.

Samsung refused to do anything about it until months later. They agreed to talk with the customers, have them ship the phone to Samsung at the customers cost, and they would "investigate". The phone would be repaired under warranty if not deemed customer abuse. Such a horrible policy.

They need to stop with the negative adds, and start putting out more like with the surfer. They aren't gaining in converting what Apple fans that have switched. That's not where they need to draw new customers from.

They also have to improve their customer service, right now it's in the toilet.

They don't need to make their own os , but they certainly need to loose touch with and all of the bloat.

The environmental cry... " tread softly, and take out your own trash"

Posted via Android Central App

They don't need to lose TouchWiz. Do you realize, seriously... Go back. Search about 2 years ago and people were saying HTC needed to dump Sense. You're not saying anything new. You're spewing the same nonsense that's been an ongoing trend for YEARS.

"Stock is better. OEM X, needs to dump skin Y, because I before C isn't broken in Android L."

Most people on the street couldn't get rid of 10 Nexus phones on an hour, at a popular mall, for 50 bucks a pop. Now offer the same thing to on an Apple product or a Samsung product and you got yourself a done deal, sir.

Posted via Android Central App

They have some great advertising, but their products just don't have flair. They're great devices but Apple makes a huge hype cycle with their phones and other OEMs have distinct features to set them apart. It's time for Samsung to put some wow in their devices.

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Folks, Samsung made over 6 billion (B as in billion) dollars PROFIT in 3 months. Who else made 6 billion dollars in profit in just 3 months?

Sammy is doing just fine.

Posted via Android Central App

and 50 Billion in revenue, no other tech company made 50 B in revenue this quarter. They need to control their costs though.

What's going on, there's already 2 articles about this on AC. This is makes three. Feels kinda bloated tbh.

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There's plenty of "WOW" in samsungs high end devices......touchwiz is certainly the most versital and functional skin that any OEM is offering today. The problem in the past as we all know has been aesthetics, form factor,and glitchy performance due to excessive software....luckily the hardware has finally cought up to the software bloat, the s5 and note 3 absolutely fly.....and as for aesthetics, TW was given a vast improvement with the s5, it looks about 100 times better than all previous versions

What they really need is a new form factor like yesterday!!!! seriously sammy, ridged chrome bezels??? Its almost Unacceptable at this point.......

But expect a new and awesome form factor on all major samsung devices within the next year.......after getting their asses kicked at the low end in china, they now have no other choice....

Posted via Android Central App

Like others have said, fix TouchWiz and allow bloatware to be uninstalled. I purchased tab s 8.4 just for the screen. It's my first samsung product and I can't stand TouchWiz or all of the pre-installed apps that I don't use and can't uninstall or disable. I love showing people how my HTC M8 is so fast and fluid compared to the 8.4. Plus HTC allows most everything to be uninstalled or disabled. The 8.4 also has terrible battery life but the screen is great.

Jim Lloyd

You can disable every single one of them dude....and if you want to Uninstall them then just root and problem solved.....

Posted via Android Central App

Not true about disabling. You can only uninstall updates and then Google Play will keep telling me that the app has an update. Why should I have to root for control? Don't have to root HTC to uninstall.

Jim Lloyd

I knew Samsung was in trouble when they did not released the gs5 numbers to brag. They've done it with the gs3/4, but not the gd5. The signs were there when their just launched gs5 could not outsell the 8 months old iPhone 5S.

I have S4 very pleased and note 10.1 if there sales are down its not my fault but solution may be to lower prices to attract more buyers I'd definitely buy more products

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When you keep saturating the market with the same products note tablets galaxy tablets pretty much the same thing or 10 different versions of s4 or s5s so hard to keep up.

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I still prefer Sammy to the other options, because of the removable battery & SD card. However LG are beginning to look as good or better, they do seem to listen and have good cameras.

My Note 3 does have a stupidly complex menu structure and Sammy could let you choose which way aroud the buttons work. Even so, I still like it.

I rather like the new Tablets. But at the moment I don't NEED one right away. So I will wait in case the price gets better. ASUS tranfomers still seem like a better concept; unfortunately both the firmware and hardware need work.

Awesome AC.

I honestly wonder if the recent slowdown in smartphone sales (at least in the US) is due to the carriers' recent push towards no contract / installment billing. It's harder to justify that upgrade when it costs $27/month/line. Could also be the reason for increased sales of lower cost flagship devices from Huawei and the other Chinese manufacturers. It's no longer a matter of $99 upgrade vs $199 upgrade... Now it's $350 vs $650.

Samsung needs to radically change its designs for smartphones. The whole reason the Galaxy S5 hasnt been selling well is that to the average consumer there is not much of a difference between the GS5 and the GS4 so why buy one. (I know we know there is a difference but not everyone is a tech geek like we are lol) Secondly Samsung needs to lower the cost of its phones. If One Plus can sell phones at dirt cheap prices I think OEMs like Samsung could lower their prices. I mean a GS5 costs like $650 without a contract. If Samsung would just lower the SRP by even $100 their phones would sell much better. In the US we have the carrier subsidy system but elsewhere in the world people buy the phones at full price.

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It's my fault. I bought the G3 over the Note 3. Sorry Sammy, but Smarthub is utter shit and pisses me off daily. Payback.

Posted via Android Central App with my LG G3

Lol, sorry I should have clarified. Smarthub is the software on my Samsung TV. So you could say me not buying a Galaxy phone is payback for my utterly crappy "smart" TV via Samsung. I'll be switching to an LG TV running WebOS this Christmas. Sammy can keep its proprietary garbage. As for the phones, I don't know a heck of a lot of people that DON'T like their S3, S4 or Note. I've toyed around with Galaxy phones and have never loved the UI so I went with the G3.

What they need to do is get back to what place them where they are today. A good relationship with developers. AS it stands right now. Samsung is great for the average user but the more advanced users and anyone interested in development are staying as far away from samsung as they can.