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Are you a Ford owner who just so happens to love Slacker Radio on your Android powered device? Well, good news for you as Slacker Radio has just released an update to their Android application which now allows for syncing with Ford vehicles such as the Fiesta, Mustang, Fusion and several others. Gone are the days of fumbling around trying to switch songs on your device while driving, now simply talk to skip songs, change stations and many other awesome features. If you are a Slacker Radio user be sure to hit the break for download links.


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Slacker Radio application receives update, now compatible with Ford SYNC

6 Comments about they focus on FIXING their app before adding more features and fluff?! For the last several updates the program will not play but half a song before auto skipping to the next one. happens regardless of connection (even wifi). It also takes away from your skip count while doing this, sometimes freezing in the process. I will try this app again with this new update but I am not holding my breath. Pandora gets streaming right, google music gets it even better. Why can't after all this time Slacker can't get it properly working for nothing? :-|

I contacted them about that. They said that you need to cache the station. They blamed it on Verizon's network.

I call BS since other streaming services work. I am a premium subscriber and would like it to work properly.

So, I stream on my laptop at work until they figure it out.

I, too, have constant problems that I've reported to them but have only gotten the standard "We'll look into it" response. I don't know if it's the Nexus S causing the problems, but about 95% of the time, Slacker has to be opened twice. That is, I tap the icon, it opens to a black screen and immediately goes back to the home screen. I then have to click the icon AGAIN to open the app and then the stupid splash screen (another annoying thing I've complained to them about because it is needless and makes the app take forever to open) comes up.

It also can't seem to stay active in the background if a song isn't playing. Many other apps, like browsers and games, will stay open for awhile even if you go to other apps, but it seems like as soon as I stop the music on Slacker and do something else on the phone for a few minutes, I have to go through the whole process of opening Slacker again and re-select my station. That's really annoying!

I have a 2008 Ford Fusion and tried this out. Works great with skipping songs. What I want to know is ifyou want to change stations, can you say a command?

Latest update broke all my cached albums. Had to totally wipe and start over. One new feature is that when you're in the car dock, launching the app takes you straight to cached items. That's a good feature.

Really aggravating how they can't seem to do an update without problems, but it's still the best of all the music services.

I listen to Slacker almost all day, every day, at work and in the car. No problems, no skipping, etc, and I have Verizon.