Sirius XM

Android's SiriusXM app (yes, some of us love and use satellite radio over streaming services) just got itself a fairly decent update in the Google Play store. On tap are "enhancements and fixes to the following core features:"

  • Start Now - Go back in time up to 5 hours to hear previously aired programming on most channels
  • TuneStart - Hear songs from the beginning when tuning to music channels
  • Pause - Pause and resume live programming
  • Fast Forward & Rewind - Skip forward and back on many channels
  • Show Alerts - Reminders when your favorite shows begin
  • Album Art & Artist Bios
  • Improved reliability & sound quality

A decent update indeed. We've got a download link after the break should you need it.


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SiriusXM satellite radio app gets a hefty update


I used to subscribe to XM until Slacker came along, and I could get what I wanted through Slacker for free, or even a fraction of the price for one of the paid subscriptions.

I would consider trying satellite again when they finally listen to the suggestion to add an internet/mobile phone only package that is competitively priced against other services on the market. But for now, they're holding tight to the model that forces customers to invest in proprietary hardware to receive the service, with stripped-down online listening as an add-on.

I agree, requiring a physical radio is simply cutting their revenue stream.

Note that you CAN get an internet radio only subscription, but it is ridiculously expensive. See the price chart here.

Worse yet is the stratification of the content into physical radio models.

Old car had XM. Just about the only reason we subscribed was for Baseball games while traveling in summer.
New car has Sirius, and no way to get MLB games.

Its enormously expensive to swap out radios. So if I want to listen to Baseball I have to add the internet package, and hope I don't drive out of range of cell towers, (which is not that hard to do in the Western US).

Exactly. You can get it, but for $15/mo. For that, I can get a Slacker Plus subscription, tailor my own radio stations to my taste, get unlimited skipping and better bitrate quality not to mention caching, and I can ALSO get a Spotify Premium account that lets me listen to any track on demand as well as playlists from my own music collection.

For me to go back to XM, that monthly sweet spot will have to be somewhere in the $7.99/mo range, max.

Completely ignorant of the facts of SiriusXM's current offerings. Check your facts. It's called an "Internet" account, and the proprietary hardware required is an web browser. AND it has some channels that are NOT available on the physical radios.

I'm gonna tell you something else, too. Brace yourself. The world is ROUND. It's a great big ball!

I guess some people have problems processing sentences that contain more than one thought. What I said was "I would consider trying satellite again when they finally listen to the suggestion to add an internet/mobile phone only package that is competitively priced against other services on the market."

I am aware they have an internet only package. I am also aware that it is NOT competitively priced against other services on the market. To get it for a couple bucks a month, you have to have a primary subscription that would require you to have their proprietary hardware to make use of.

As for the internet package having channels not available in the regular lineup, that's all well and good. But that internet package also EXCLUDES many channels that ARE available in the regular lineup. Not a tradeoff that interests me.

I've been gone from XM for more than three years now, and not two weeks go by without me getting something in the mail from them begging me to come back at a discount. I open those letters every time, looking to see if they've finally offered the package I want. I'm aware of their offerings. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go kill a dinosaur for lunch and beat on my cavewoman awhile.

ahhhh... Sirius has all the MLB games.... In fact, they have dedicated channels to each team... Giving all the home and away feeds...

The last few updates have finally made this application worth the price. It really is so much better than it was a few months ago. I'm glad they finally put some effort into the Android side of things

The upside to this app is it now operates better and has better features than 90% of Sirius's current dedicated radios.... I have an S2 and it never get's plugged in anymore... I just use this app... and the quality is pretty solid...

Anyone have a link to the APK...I am in Canada but my Sirius sub is a US account. Both the play market and the US Sirius site won't let me download it.

A BIG "THANK YOU" to you!!! This was the only thing left that I missed about my iPhone. Works great on my HTC One X. :) :)

This update isn't quite new; v 2.0 came out with these features at the end of April.

Today's update addresses some bugs (hopefully one I've been telling them about shows starting over by themselves after txt messages or phone calls come in)

If all you want is baseball then MBL At Bat 12 is only $15/year for all baseball games PLUS one free TV game video per day.

DUDE! Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for and am ashamed I never even bothered to look. See ya SiriusXM.

Yup, that's the ticket.

Way cheaper than games streaming thru Sirius.
Does the Audio work on Edge? In the past the audio was pretty un-usable anytime you drifted into EDGE country, which is huge sections of the Western US.

Not sure why Sirius/XM is getting so much hate. I have it in the car and the internet. There's some great programming on it you just can't get anywhere else.

While the 5 hour rewind has been in there since the last update, it wasn't intuitive how to get it to work. I just now figured it out, LOL.

What would make Sirius online streaming killer would be if their unique programming shows were available sort of like podcasts. Missed last week's Stern show? No problem, pick the episode and listen away. I make my favorite shows available as podcasts for my personal use with my Mac. Pulsar app to stream them off Sirius, Audio HiJack to schedule and record them, then automatically save the file into a Dropbox folder which has a folder action associated with it that makes an RSS feed link. Lets me listen via my podcatcher whenever i want.

Really digging the SiriusXM app. It also seems to work on my Acer Iconia A500 which it NEVER did before. This apps is pretty stable. Now that almost every channel is on the Internet App, even NASCAR and Howard Stern, the app works great.