Sirius|XM Android app

Oh, happy day. Almost. Sirius XM is working on an Android application for its satellite radio service. And while I enjoy Internet radio as much as the next guy, I needs me some satellite radio, too. Sirius XM has a signup page to alert you when the app's ready. Yep, they've got my e-mail now. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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John-Paul says:

I assume this is an internet feed of their programming and not an actual satellite signal?

rizzay1 says:

Got me signed up jst did mine right now..

roman08225 says:

I have it on my BB Storm and what i hate is that I cant listen to Howard or Bubba. I'm sure they will do the same to Droid. I would pay extra to listen to them but they just wont allow it. I wounder why???

MOE-GUNZ says:

Same for the Ipod Touch, plus it's an extra $3 a month (last time I checked).

moosc says:

Because Howard owns his channels and will not allow it unless he gets a bigger piece of the pie. Ive signed up be nice to listen to the number one channel opie and Anthony.

Mohawk3 says:

I can't wait to listen to Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez when this app hits. I can't wait to ditch trying to use Orb for this to happen.

I will be pissed if I have to pay a monthly fee since my online sub was included with my lifetime sub I purchased in the beginning of 2009.

I don't mind paying a one time fee for the app if it gets lifetime upgrades for free and includes XM 202.

MOE-GUNZ says:

From what I recall you have to pay to listen online (extra $3 /mo) and for this app to work you need to do so.

However, this could've changed from the last time I checked.

Mohawk3 says:

I would assume that since my online access was included with my lifetime sub, I won't have to pay for access as I believe I should sign in to the app like I would when listening to the computer.

I am pretty sure that online access is not included (at least for free) with lifetime subs anymore as they stopped that in the first half of 2009.

ReaganDee says:

Who needs Bubba when The Future of Radio Jason Ellis is on Faction .... CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS APP!!!!!! RED DRAGONS!!!!!

nutflush920 says:

Kinda cool. I got Serius in the F150 now for $3 more per month the wife can have it on her Android too.

ieee_raider says:

This is crazy... I already own 2 SIRIUS radios and now they want another $3/month ??? I'm getting close to ditching the satellite and streaming XiiaLive -> bluetooth -> truck stereo... Works great, just worried if Sprint ever goes to data caps.

tada1096 says:

is this only going to work on the Droid and N1? it doesn't mention ant other phone.

nutflush920 says:

Slacker is kinda nice too. My Sirius is about to expire. If I can't get it for $5/mo or less, I'm done. Slacker works just as good as Sirius and like ieee_raider said, nothing wrong with bluetooh streaming in the truck or wifes car. Plus Slacker is free.

dboss007 says:

This definitely doesn't include Howard. EPIC FAIL!!

jleakey says:

You also don't get NFL Live, MLB at bat, or Stern. I am not going to pay $3 to $5 for that. Garbage.