Android Central app update

We can't believe we finally added this feature we've said we were adding!

OK, folks. You want it, you got it. We've finally added the ability to post images to the Android Central forums right from our most popular app. (That'd be the Android Central app, of course!) That means you can get all your favorite news stories, reviews, editorials and deals, then hop over in the forums to see what everyone else is talking about, all in one app.

It's available now, so hit up Google Play and get your update on.

And don't forget that we've got Android companion apps for each of the Mobile Nations sites. Here's where to find them:

And if you're so inclined, we'd love it if you left us a glowing review! Or if there are features you'd still like to see, that feedback is always appreciated, too. Thanks for taking the time to give our apps a go, and thanks for being loyal Android Central and Mobile Nations readers!


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This shocking new Android Central App update will blow your mind!


Been using the AC Forums App that had had this ability for awhile.
I bookmarked the AC mobile site so I could setup comment notification responds.

No need to re-download the app until I can post pics in the comments section.

Just telling the truth.

Gotta love that clickbait-sounding title! That probably tops [Breaksclusive]

Posted from my HTC EVO 4G LTE via Android Central App

Great! Now in the forums we won't see posts that say "I'd attach a pic but I can't while using the AC app"

I can no longer post from the app I get "can't post comment need to log on" and I'm logged on. Mind blown..... POW!!!

Great update! On another topic that I just found, if you tap the version number numerous times in settings it enables debugging mode and says "super secret". Cool!
Posted via the porcelain throne.

But there is one flaw. It only works in the forums!I can't for example,post a witty picture from the app in commenting on an article!

Just saying though

Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.

I don't see the option on my app to attach a pic. Uninstalled and reinstalled - nothing.

Posted via Android Central App

Please fix this annoying bug! I sign in via G+. When I exit the app and open it, I try to comment but get a not logged in error. I go into account and I am logged in. I have to log out and then log in again.

Posted via Android Central App

Phil showed below it's on the menu button on my Note 3, not per the photo with the 3 dots.

via my Note 3 on AC's app

so....i go to choose what pic to attach and it looks like it starts, then says "could not upload attachment" any ideas?
stock GS3 (laugh all you want), on verizon. trying to upload a pic from the gallery.

Still need notifications for replies to comments etc, lol will bang on about this till it's added. It's stupid not knowing If someone's replied and the only way to know is to constantly check. Also would like the ability to go directly into the comment section by tapping the comment number count(in green) on each story on the home page. Also a annoying bug keeps on recurring, when I try to comment sometimes it just keeps asking me to log in even though I am and the only way it fix it is to log out and log back in.
Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

You have to click the three dots in the corner when posting a new post. The click on "Upload Image" or whatever it says.

Nice. Can I have the postage back for the prints I sent to AC Towers yesterday?

Via my Note 3 on AC.

That's exactly what this site needs...memes. They add so much to the discussion. Bring on the morons.

No. I don't see it either. I updated it a few hours ago. Now like above I have Uninstalled it and downloaded it again. It is version 1.5.3 and I am looking to post in a regular forum. The three dots are not there.

via my Note 3 on AC's app

Yep. A shade comes up with menu on my Note 3.
Different to the sample image given but its on the menu. Not intuitive after Tapatalk. Must vary by phone then. :)

via my Note 3 on AC's app

On my Note 2 I don't see 3 dots and my menu button brings up nothing! If I could post a screenshot I would.

New Comment (blank space) submit

Did you start a post first, in a regular forum, with text say. It comes up for me then. I guess it should be the same.
via my Note 3 on AC's app

Ah. Sure enough, the Notes do show the overflow menu because they do things differently. Galaxy S5 does it right. The Note does not, and you'll need to use the menu button.

Yes, sorry. The 'attach picture' shade is only available from the menu button while you are writing a post in a normal forum thread. It won't appear on this comments page. You may have tried this way already. As Phil confirmed below, we don't get three buttons upper right on Notes, you have to press menu when you are ready to upload.
via my Note 3 on AC's app

The Notes have a menu button there at the bottom left. So they hide the overflow icon that you see in our picture at the top of this post.

The Galaxy S5 doesn't have a menu button, so it'll show the overflow icon like it's supposed to.

I'll see what we can do about that. But, grrrrrrr, Samsung.

Ahhh ok thanks both of you for the clarification

Edit: But Phil added a pic in this "comments" section. I see "attach picture" in the regular forum. I thought we could add pics in the comment section also.

Cool. James Falconer I just see has started a Sticky in the Note 3 forum, probably other forums as well, for AC app pics. I can put a Screenshot there of the menu pop up, but you may prefer to do something so I'll wait. Thanks for checking this out.

via my Note 3 on AC's app

Well, that wasn't a Sticky for new AC App pics. Just a notice. Man, was I tired. :)

via my Note 3 on AC's app

I'm so glad though because I hardly am home to post from my p.c

Posted via Android Central App

Now the only major missing feature is the ability to send and view PMs from the app. As someone who sells on the forum a lot, that would be fantastic. Notifications for PMs would be even better.

Posted via Android Central App

This is awesome! Will we eventually be able ro get forum notifications when the app is closed like the regular forum app?

Posted via Android Central App

I love the AC app for reading the blog, but I don't use it for the forums because it doesn't use the tapatalk API. I need my subscriptions, read/unread syncing, etc!