Seesmic Android beta

Seesmic has been busy lately it seems.  Not only did they reveal a preview of their new desktop client but they also have a new beta build of their popular Android Twitter client for Google I/O attendees.  Since we have a man on the floor at Google I/O, we get a sneak preview of it too.  As you can see from the screen shot, support for Google Buzz is in the works.  No word on when it's expected to be released, but you can bet as soon as we know, we're going to share the good news.


Reader comments

Seesmic shares new Android beta with Google I/O attendees, with support for Google Buzz [#io2010]


Hey Thanks man!

I found a bug already I think. Text resizing(under settings) does not seem to work on the twitter account but works fine on the Google buzz account.

I gave it a go and it was all good but when i opened the app a second time it went to the add account screen and would not let me continue. If i try to add my accounts again it says they are already added.Incredible

:( tah'buhgz