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Did our exclusive first look at the Seesmic Honeycomb Twitter client leave you hungry for more? No worries, folks. Our pal Stephanie (aka The LG Girl) snagged a look this week on the T-Mobile G-Slate during Google IO. And while the UI remains quite simple, it's all the special sauce Seesmic includes in its apps that has us refreshing the Android Market every couple of hours. Take a gander.

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00McD00 says:

I think I want to work for LG now...

TheBigFerret says:

I started daydreaming, what the hell is this article about again?

Slashdpc says:

Phil, it's pretty obvious the purpose of the video wasn't to review a Twitter app. Thanks for making my work day better.

Good video bro.

dkotoric says:

hmmm delicious, and you know what I'm talking about, thanks Phil.

empanado says:

She has no idea what she is talking about.. but then again, who cares?

TheBigFerret says:

She could sell HP Veers!

jg274105 says:

Wait... there was a twitter app shown? All I remember is... *Grin*

orlanka says:

This is how all product demos should be on AC.

Seven2k says: is this article about again. AC please do a piece on her, who is she?

akarol says:

Hey, hey, hey... careful how you guys talk about my future wife!

mmchris says:

had to watch the video 4 times before I heard what she was talking about.

richardpandy says:

Like everyone else, what is this able again? This is how products sell.

mgiusto says:

The concept of a hot chick pitching technology has worn off on me already. It did have my attention early on though and I was totally on board thinking this was a good idea, but I just don't see it having staying power. (I first saw her a few months ago and followed her on twitter.)

Ky772 says:

Damn it, Phil, stop putting you camera on the device and put it back on her!

cjp85 says:

You guys are crazy. This chick isn't hot at all, just plain looking with freakishly large hands. Pass!

Tmo Carly > LG Stephanie

dkotoric says:

I think its obvious you're blind. Hot chick into gadgets, hmm.

cjp85 says:

Not blind, just have good taste. ;-)

TheBigFerret says:

I'm perplexed?

joeylove says:

Nothing like a having a super cute girl talking about...... wait, what was she talking about again ? All kidding aside LG Girl did a great quick review of the Seesmic App, you go girl !

lizasperling says:

You know how to get your readers attention. I think Stephanie did a great job, and we appreciate your sharing it here. Sorry I missed you at I/O - not sure how?! Let's make a point to connect next time!
Liza Sperling | @lizasperling | Seesmic

dlongb13 says:

I dont even use twitter and I still downloaded the app

DroidATX says:

If you look close and hard'll seen an LG tablet! :)

fractalbit says:

Hard to keep the camera on the tablet eh Phil? It's ok though, we totally understand!!!

cjp85 says:

A lot of horny nerds here. lmao

icebike says:

Ok, ignoring the lady for the time being....

Nothing new here, Twidroid has had this embeded link following feature even in the phone version for some time now.

Wow...ya'll need a woman STAT

Wicket says:

agreed, calm it down boys.. sheesh! also Phil didn't even record this.

Cubfan says:

Unfortunately, no amount of eye-candy can save these crippled, slow honeycomb apps and tabs. Better luck next year, Google.

cjp85 says:


youngzayiles says:

LOl he says mmmmmm hmmmmm zooms out and takes another look.... haaaaa PRICELESS!!!!

Ahh, android fanboys...Incredibly smart and savvy guys and kind of pervy

Ky772 says:

And into porn, according to Steve Jobs.

dalvik says:

wow such an explosion of comments about an average looking girl.....
anyway who is interested can check her out on youtube she's got her personal chanel there - The Lg Girl I dunno why you guys are so excited. I dont even find her pretty... such a cold serious face.....

ScottJ says:

First off, she's well above average. Secondly, smart girl-next-door types are hot. Add in technology acumen, and you have a powerful alchemy. Now it's true that there are a lot of techno-geeks on this board that obviously are in dire need of getting laid, but their taste should not be questioned in this instance.

I'm tired of guys that think that if a girl isn't made up to look like what would be considered in the past a street whore, then she's not attractive. Natural beauty is always the best.

Ok, I'm married but this is straight up geek love! She takes gizmo geekiness to a level I thought it could never reach. Wow!

jhoove09#IM says:

Looks a lot like the twitter apps I've used on the iPad. It's a great set-up. Seesmic choose a great UI. I wouldn't get hung up on the speed. The network strain at Google IO was bad. Don't blame the hardware for that.