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We love Twitter clients. That's no secret around here. And the free Seesmic Twitter client for Android just got an update. It's a biggie, and likely enough to return it to my regular Twitter rotation.

Seesmic QR codeFirst up (and foremost for me) is the ability to access multiple Twitter accounts. (Note to any developer working on a Twitter app: That really is a necessity. I don't care what normal people tell you.)

You also can send a tweet to one or several accounts at once. Just like with the desktop client. That's another biggie for those of us with personal and work accounts. (One thing that's missing, however: a "Jump to top" option. Oh. Found it.)

Other additions to the latest version of Seesmic include:

  • Adding an Extra Large text size option
  • Your profile information (avatar, number of following and followers,...) will now be updated automatically
  • Changing your Twitter account password will now be handled by the application
  • Composer now auto-corrects and auto-capitalize your words and sentences
  • Notifications are now cleared when the application is accessed from Launcher
  • Easily changing default account from the application's Settings
  • Can remove a Twitter account simply by pressing on it

If you're already using Seemic, you should get an update notification. If you're not using it, scan the QR code above (or click on it from your Android browser) and give it a shot.

And after the break, Seesmic founder and head cheerleader Loic Lemeur shows off the update.

There are 9 comments

jeremylv says:

Great article!

Just one thing though, the application includes a "Jump to top" feature when you hit the red bar at the top.

Dang! How'd I miss that? Don't tell our friends at The iPhone Blog about that. ;)

thelazzyone says:

I was going to say the same thing. You jump to the top by double tapping at the top.

kmatheny says:

Multiple accounts, tweet across multiple accounts, and auto-capitalization = awesome. It honestly bugs me that auto cap isn't on by default on most apps- just my personal preference, I guess.

VDub2174 says:

"Notifications are now cleared when the application is accessed from Launcher"

This makes Seesmic my new default Twitter app.

alphabets says:

i deleted twidroid today. its between seesmic and the new tweetcaster at the moment. tweetcaster just looks so nice.

VDub2174 says:

I used TweetCaster and I really like it except for the fact that you can only see the person's real name and not their twitter name. If TweetCaster gave the option to view twitter names then I might use that instead.

Does seesmic allow for and editable re-tweet? Lack of that is a deal-breaker for me for any Twitter app.

I just figured out on my own that it does! This rocks!