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There is no dearth of news about Samsung's announcements today, but we know plenty of you guys will want to see it for yourselves. Samsung knows it, too, and has posted the full one-hour+ speech on Youtube for easy viewing. Join Dr. Woo for 60 minutes and get all the bendy screen and 8-core CPU talk you can handle. 

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See all the bendy displays and octacores you can handle in Samsung's second CES 2013 keynote


Just because Samsung announces a product does not mean that product will go to production and be sold. Case in point, wireless charger for the Galaxy S3. Announced in May 2012 and still not on the market. BTW, with all the Android Mobile Nations people @ CES, has ANY of them asked Samsung about the status of the S3 wireless charger? Come on guys, how about holding Samsung's feet to the fire and getting some answers?

Just because a product didn't come to market when expected doesn't mean it shelved or doesn't mean it won't arrive to market. It's a time and place for everything the most important measure is bringing products to market that enrich people lives. Samsung has accomplished many things in this space of technology and clearly they are striving to make sure that the future is bright just from a technical/technology standpoint rather you choose to use their products or not. I applaud Samsung for the overall creation of many products they have today. They are market leaders in many aspects of the daily things we all use and give no thought about. It's pretty clear to me that the future is very bright for Samsung because they are innovative and because of that consumers future will be brighter also.

The "time and place" for a wireless charger for a phone that's been out for more than 6 months is now, not when "Samsung feels like it". They're only losing possible revenue for each consecutive month they don't release the product. Instead, people will buy wireless chargers from other sources, like Duracell, Energizer, Palm's Touchstone, and other like products.
Heck, the first few months when the Galaxy Nexus was released (even on Sprint), it was nearly impossible to find a car dock that used the pogo pins that accommodated the slightly thicker CDMA versions. A lot of people just bought the GSM car dock and did a bit of DIY modding because they were so fed up with Samsung (or the carriers') lack of accessories.
If you announce a product that goes along with another product, but only release the latter, what's the point of even showcasing the first product? Wasted time and money right there. How sad that you don't understand this.

I seriously doubt that even 10 people, and by that I mean normal consumers, did any modding. I also doubt that anyone is losing sleep over wireless charging outside of the geek community.

It is one of those nice to have things, but is not critical.

In other words, first world problems.

What's sad here is realizing that certain accessories might not be available at launch of devices. Bottom line here most accessories are interchangeable meaning items can be purchased at other places. If people need wireless charging that badly they will go and purchase what they desire wherever it's being sold. It's not the end all to be all and as far Samsung losing possible revenue for each consecutive month that's adds up to nothing substantial. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a poor example of a product to use in these circumstances because every related accessory existed for the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Epic Touch 4g, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note as well as the Galaxy Note 2. So what does that mean??? They stepped up their game in the accessories department since the Galaxy Note was released. No manufacturer has been perfect who has provided for android but Samsung is dam close.

1. The word "interchangeable" does NOT mean "items can be purchased at other places". You are in sore need of a dictionary if you honestly believe that.
2. Certain accessories not being available at launch I can understand. But after 6 months? And after you even had a public preview of both the accessory and the phone at the same time? The company has definitely failed in this regard. Sure, as you point out, if people want it that badly they can get it from other sources, but as I said before, that's only lost revenue for Samsung, after they said they would be making the product.
3. "They stepped up their game in the accessories department since the Galaxy Note was released." Newsflash: the Galaxy Nexus was released AFTER the OG Note. So wouldn't it stand to reason the the same applies? Idiot.

Who cares about 'wireless' charging? Is that actually 'wireless'? I will be interested the day when actual wireless charging happens - like WiFi.

This. If you don't release the charger until the follow up comes out, you've crapped on your customers. At least announce that it's still coming!

I'm extremely excited with the advances Samsung is making in technology... at the same time, I'm skeptical they can pull them together into a device I like without licensing them to other manufacturers.

The first Samsung Android device I have enjoyed is the Nexus 10... but I'm hopeful they can bring these improved display, processor, and battery saving technologies together into their own awesome tablet in 2013. I'd be glad to buy another tablet from them. Otherwise I'll be looking for a Tegra 4 device for this year's upgrade!

On a sidenote: Their concept for flexible screens looks AWESOME. It shows lots of potential, I'd just like to see how far they can take it.