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Scosche has launched this cool new pulse monitor called the Rhythm that relays workout information over Bluetooth to your phone so you can monitor intensity, set schedules, and check progress through an app. Though Scosche previously only supported iOS, their newest app is now on Android with all of the same good stuff. Scosche Rhythm also includes a lot of audio functions, including the ability to set a Power Song to help you get through the most grueling parts of your workout, control music tracks from the armband buttons, and recieve audio prompts to pace your progress. 

It's definitely a neat idea, and for those that are serious about fitness, I could see this app and the accessory getting plenty of usage. What are your favorite smartphone accessories to use during a workout? Any suggestions for stereo Bluetooth headphones?

If you're interested, the Scosche Rhythm armband is available over here for $99.99. You can check out a video of the new app below.Android Central


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Scosche's new Rhythm pulse monitor includes Android fitness app


Thanks for the info. Been looking for a good heart rate monitor with Bluetooth to pair with my MotoAktv. Sounds like this replaces it though.

hmmm yet another Android app that look horrible. Why are companies not developing attractive apps? The iOS version of this looks so much better. You CAN develop an attractive Android app, it's not impossible. Take a look at the Pinterest App, or Flipboard. Even the basic apps like Twitter look better than this blocky grey app. I'm so tired of crappy looking android versions.

I don't see it looking all that different than the iOS version. But, with something like this I care more about usability and accuracy of info over style.