Samsung is rumored to work on a pair of virtual reality eyeglasses

Ready for the next big thing? It's most likely shaping up to be virtual and augmented reality. We have players like Google working on Glass and Facebook now working with Oculus. Not to be left alone, Samsung is reportedly making a virtual reality headset to be used with their phones and tablets.

Engadget reports that Samsung's mobile division is working on a virtual reality headset that will be announced later this year. The South Korean company hopes to beat Facebook's Oculus Rift and other players to market.

This product is set to compete with the Oculus Rift and not Google Glass. We reported earlier this month that Samsung was also interested in going after Glass with their own 'Gear Glass' wearable for late 2014.

Instead, this new device rumored will be a virtual reality headset. It'll have an OLED screen that's as good or better than the one found on the Oculus Rift dev kit. No information is known at this time on how it will connect to your phone or tablet, but a wired connection is probable.

Samsung not only hopes to beat competitors to market, but will also aim to enter in at a lower price point. Samsung's operating system, Tizen, will reportedly not power this virtual reality headset.

Anyone out there interested in a virtual reality headset? Do you see any applications beyond gaming? Sound off below in the comments.

Source: Engadget

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Samsung's virtual reality glasses could further immerse you into TouchWiz


I'm glad this is towards virtual reality, because I don't think I could deal with always having earbuds in a device that functioned like Glass, if they can't be removed. Not to mention all the safety concerns. It looks pretty slick though.

I believe the author was joking. Do you know of something no one else does?

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I really don't find TouchWiz to be that bad of a thing. But it seems most blogs hate on it a lot. Every UI bogs down Android to an extent from time to time. I've used Samsung devices and HTC, I find HTC to be just as cool of a UI, yet more resource heavy. What is it that you all dislike about TouchWiz so much?
Posted via Android Central App from my S4 mini WITH an LED light ;-)

Me personally when I compare it to a launcher like say, Nova Launcher, it does things that are cumbersome compared to it. Making and deleting folders is much easier on Nova. It isn't as resource heavy as TouchWiz. TouchWiz takes up so much of my phone space I have no choice but to use a 32gb device. Half the features it comes with seem useless. It occasionally stutters. Can no longer hide apps in the drawer. Can only disable. Certain apps you're not allowed to disable. With Nova if you don't want an app on the desktop you simply flick it off the screen. TouchWiz you have to drag app into remove area. You can't customize your icons. Means no Morena, Lumos, or Flazing icons.
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Also (more 1st world prollems) this has nothing to do with the launcher but it also stinks that you can't customize the lock screen if you decide to use any type of security lock. So no dashclock, weather widgets, anything that would be useful at a glance, you're not allowed to see. For some reason when you don't use a security lock it shows the time only on the lock screen, not in the status bar, which makes sense. But when you use a security lock it decides you need to see the time on the bar and on the front and you need to see a.m. and p.m. all the time eating spacebar space cause you probably don't know if it's night or morning. It also stinks that you have to disable if you don't root it I mean, about 50 + apps in order to make it decent. I'd love to know who thought it would be a good idea to suggest apps everytime you plug your headphones in. Or give you a warning every time you turn your volume up, or not include a stinkin torch/flashlight toggle amongst the plethora of mostly useless toggles in the pull shade. Other than that I love my Samsung devices. Although I am thinking about switching to an LG device next time around.
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I agree with most of your complaints about the TouchWiz launcher. I run ActionLauncher on my Note3. It is important to note, though, that TouchWiz is more than just the launcher. You did mention all the "features". I doubt anyone uses *all* of them, but I use several and I know others who use a GS4/5 or Note 2/3 who use a number of the features. Just because you don't see a value to features, doesn't mean others won't. I don't have a problem with Samsung packing the phone full of features, so long as they can be turned on/off.

As for taking up space, I think the phone companies need to quit counting the space occupied by the system partition when they advertise the amount of storage the phone has. It's misleading and just ends up in a PR nightmare.

Some of the things you mentioned, like suggesting apps when you plug in headphones, I've never seen on my Note 3. Maybe it's a newer thing with the GS5. Also, at least on the Note 3, you can add other widgets to the lock screen by going to Settings -> Device (tab) -> Lock Screen and enabling the "Multiple Widgets on Lockscreen" option.

Yeah, I stopped going to Android Police because they realised their small minority of trolls loved spewing their hate all over the comment section every time they used TouchWiz in the headline. If Android Central are going down the same road, I am out of here.

Chasing high amount of comment counts, no matter how unrelated trolling it is might feel like a good short term business model, because they get a lot of those repetitive hate trolls activated, but in the long run they're ending up with the majority of the demographics staying away.

I do feel kind of the same way but if they hate it and have an explanation for it, that's great.
But you've got to just deal with the hate sometimes. I'm a Blackberry fan, just imagine all the hate. There's not a single general mobile news site that isn't massively populated by very openly voiced fandroids. I use pretty much all mobile platforms so that's why I like to browse general mobile news and would like to view the comments for actually useful info without seeing 9/10 of it as BB/ iOS hate. Genuinely, there are times where the comments section is helpful.

I know there will always be haters. This is not what I am addressing. It's the simple choice from the editors to use trolling angles in an attempt to attract (the wrong) readers.

yeah it is some weird form of mass jealousy or something. The blogs are full of the same 80 Samsung haters, bashing them all the time, but I just can't figure why if they don't own one nor want one, why they care SO much.

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"I didn't read the article..."

At least you were upfront that you have no idea what you're talking about.

I don't think the OS skin matters. iOS, TW, Sense or whatever it is all just a route to the same apps. I mean what are you using a VR system for if you are just sitting on the homescreen?

If this works better than the Occulus Rift for VR stuff why would you care if it is TW or not?

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This answers my question about whether or not people still prefer to call into a network to complain about a show vs simply changing the channel. I swear some people live to complain. LoL. I happen to not mind touchwiz, and if I do start disliking it I'll purchase from a different company or root my device. Samsung doesn't seem to be suffering despite all of the naysayers. I guess their give a damn is busted
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It's because they beast out their phones. If they didn't beast out their phones AND it also had TouchWiz, people would not like it like they do now. Oh and advertising. They're good at that too.
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They 'beast out' their phones, which cost the same as other flagship phones that are just as 'beasted out'. People LIKE Samsung phones. They like how they look, they like how they run, and the people who know nothing buy the phones their friends have and love.

Sadly for all you Samsung haters out there you are in the minority and should just stop whining. I have been reading this crap from people like you since the S2 days. But Samsung has done nothing but skyrocket to the top. The S2 was the first truely decent Android phone. The S3 was beautiful, large and light.

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I then switched to Note 3 and that is so useful I rarely use my Nexus 7 and never my Venue 8 Pro. So you can keep spouting your obviously incorrect nonsense and enjoy whatever phone you like.

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Hmm... this reminds me of a Star Trek TNG episode called "The Game" .

from my LG G2 via the DeathStar

Not sure what the title is referring to, since neither this article nor the Engadget one mention Samsung using TouchWiz in the VR set, it only mentions Samsung not using Tizen. It also doesn't mention whether or not Android/Touchwiz would be appropriate to power a VR headset.

Oh Man..
You all are Missing it again!
That's the ticket.. powered by the S5 Prime.. Touchwiz is finally going to roll.. and it'll be rated " X "

Hey let's go out and spend money on these Samsung devices only glasses or glasses that work on any Google approved Android.

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Count me out. This will most likely be like every other Samsung device I've owned. Slow updates, bloated OS, Ugly UI, barely any storage space left on the device for your apps and content. Not to mention the crappy build quality. I've given Samsung so many chances to get it right (not just with android devices, but dishwashers and televisions too) that even if by some miracle they improve I'm not wasting my time with them.

Samsung is good at one thing and one thing only.... ADVERTISING.
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"Crappy build quality"? Because it's plastic? Does that mean all the soda cans in my fridge have "premium build quality"?

Many people either don't care, or actually prefer a phone made of plastic. It's lighter, stronger, and cheaper than aluminum. Not to mention the signal problems that an aluminum shell creates. I'm just going to throw a case on it anyway.

And Samsung has gotten *much* better about updates in the last year or two. 4 years ago, I would have never considered Samsung because they were so bad about updates, but the Note 2 and Note 3 were some of the very first devices on the market update to 4.3 and 4.4, respectively.

Ugly UI and "bloated" OS is a matter of opinion. To each their own on that one. I like some of the features Samsung adds to Android, although I do wish they would quit pushing their own replacement apps for native Android stuff. As for the storage space remaining, that's an issue with all the OEMs, and Samsung especially needs to be more upfront about the *available* storage space on their devices. I'll give you that one.

Touch wiz is better in my opinion.... just need to know how to work it... stop hating and using other peoples lines... all like bunch of fucking kids.

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Yup. Love the smart scroll once I figured it out. I wish it worked on more apps though. Palm motion, air gestures and smart rotation too. Mostly for reducing fingerprints. I am sure others find different features useful.

As for bashing the *look* of TW I don't really get it. Looks fine to me.

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I've owned every Galaxy S since the original and I hate Touchwiz. They have to change everything, move everything around, add double features of things that were already in Android and it just generally slows down every single phone its on.

Honestly the only two manufacturer UI's that I love are Motorola's and HTC's Sense. I still can't leave Sense on my M8.

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slows it down? Slows what down exactly? I have not had an app or game run any different on my S3 or Note 3 than on my partner's Nexus devices so no nothing is 'slower' whatever that means. Boots up as fast, apps launch as fast.

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I know!!! Always hear the "slows it down", I think one person said it and now everyone says it....stick to your iphone of the android world htc and stop hating on phones you dont know how to use.

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I have a feeling it will all go the same way as 3d tv. Company's push it. We don't want it. And 3 years later gone. 3d tv failed due to nobody wanting to sit and watch TV with stupid glasses. And now they all want us to do what?....wear glasses! F**k glasses. Give me a watch.

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I agree with this. It's a niche product anyway. TouchWiz if it even appears wont affect sales. The very few who want a VR system will pick the one which gives the best VR experience.

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What about these google glass version?
hahaha :)