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Samsung's upcoming virtual reality headset may be called Gear VR, if a recent trademark filing with the with the US Patent and Trademark Office is any indication.

Last month, it was reported that Samsung was collaborating with Oculus in developing a VR headset, with the South Korean manufacturer providing Oculus with next-gen OLED screens, while receiving a virtual reality software development kit that will aid the manufacturer in tailoring software experiences for the headset.

While further details of the headset were not available, the lack of the Galaxy branding in the trademark filing suggests that Samsung's VR headset may not run Android. Whereas Oculus is targeting the gaming segment with the Oculus Rift, Samsung is said to be creating a headset for a wider audience. Along with gaming, Samsung is looking to deliver a product that can be used for entertainment and media consumption purposes.

Samsung is also said to be considering a dockable device that uses an existing smartphone display as the screen. This move is said to be undertaken to lower costs of the device, which makes sense considering most users wouldn't shell out somewhere around $500 (or more) for technology still in its nascent stages.

What do you think of the Gear VR name? Would you be interested in a VR headset that docks with your smartphone?

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office; Via: SamMobile


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Samsung's virtual reality headset may be called 'Gear VR'


And unfortunately, because it is Samsung, it will sell automatically.

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If it uses you're existing Samsung device as a screen then I hope this will not cost more than $80 since you're basically buying a pair of goggles for it.

There's a huge market for HMDs for media alone.