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Samsung's dismal second quarter continues as the smartphone manufacturer lost market share for the first time in recent memory. While Samsung is still the leading smartphone vendor, it shipped 74.3 million units in Q2 2014, down from 77.3 units from the same period last year.

Samsung's market share also took a nosedive, which went from 32.3 percent last year to 25.2 percent in Q2 2014. Slow sales combined with increasing competition in the low- and mid-tier segments from Chinese vendors like Lenovo and Huawei have been a major factor in the decline of the South Korean giant's market share.

Samsung Q2 numbers

Along with an earnings forecast which included a 24 percent decline in profits, Samsung is facing an uphill task as it looks to find new growth drivers for revenue. One area the manufacturer is actively focusing on is the wearable segment, which will possibly see new products launching later this year. Samsung is also set to unveil the Galaxy Note 4, its next generation flagship in the Note series, at the IFA next month.

Do you guys think Samsung will be able to turn its fortunes around next quarter?

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Samsung's smartphone market share takes a nosedive in Q2 2014


how u doing? i need help please. i have a samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM_N900 but i can't enjoy using playstore. either can i download any apps from it what can i do?

The wearables are not going to be the lifesaver. Must keep focus on making quality phones. Listen to the customers.

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They should focus on quality rather than quantity. They release a new device every other day, which worked so far but is not sustainable.

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First thing they should do is to *not* read stupid posts on Android forums.
Let any other manufacturer first sell 70+ million phones in a Q, and then they can come lecture them how to sell phones.

Yup makes perfect sense. Ignore what your customers want, and the opinions that they publicly voice. Lol.

I remember over a year ago people were saying that Samsung needs to make higher quality products, improve or remove TouchWiz, and stop using the same tired designs over and over.

People like you were saying not to listen to customers because they are on top and they know best.

Eventually customers will let their wallets decide and show Samsung what they want. And that's why their market share is taking a nosedive.

So yeah, Samsung, ignore what your customers want.. ..

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Customers who type on Android forums are irrelevant.
Makes perfect sense for Samsung/Apple and every other OEM to ignore them.

Yup, the customer is irrelevant... You should definitely lead a company... Moron.

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You missed the point of what he said. The customers on tech forums are the minority of total customers. Things we care about maybe things the average consumer may not even know the phone is missing and they may nor care either.

What customers say matter. However, people on forums and websites about the latest and greatest of Android aren't the typical customers going into a shop and buying a smart phone.

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You also need to realize that there are many casual customers that also read Android forums.
And for the record, I am in the wireless industry, and I see more and more people than have little to no knowledge of the industry making negative statements about things like TouchWiz, cheap plastic on Samsung phones, same old tired designs, etc.
This has nothing to do with specs or techie stuff. Samsungs problem is they no longer pass the "eye test"..
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Exactly even my wife who knows two shits about phones innards will make judgments. People don't know the engine of cars and buy based on what they like. If that car performs shitty or uses the same body style year after year, you don't have to know about horse power or MPG to know when you start disliking a car.

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Their only one problem with that. Since I'm the tech wiz in my family, they're always ask me about what I recommend.

Second thing, if you worked for Samsung's marketing team, and you said what you said above in a planning meeting, you'd be looking for a new job. I'm sure Samsung is reading and listening to everything. Losses are never acceptable, even when you are winning.

I am sure they are not reading, that's the problem. Their arrogance is what got them to this point, and having the ridiculous opinion like the post above.

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You apparently just don't know how companies work Ed. Samsung knows exactly what is being said about their devices, they just don't seem to care.

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Apple still sells more iPhones than any comparable models. Unlike Samsung, they don't flood the market with 80 different versions of the same phone to try and get more market share.

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Make something groundbreaking and you'll be back on top.

Because every phone is the same to me, minus the iPhone, which is for peasants.

Right now, the Xiaomi Mi3 is the best bang for your buck in smartphones.

What I'm trying to say is that right now, to me, there's no reason to buy a Samsung over something like, say, a G3, One M8, Mi3 or any other Android phone, like the Z2

Yeah, it has water-resistance and a great camera, and that's fine, but apart from that, it's not that interesting.

YOUM on a niche device certainly won't overcome Sapphire marketing. Nearly 20% of smartphone users have had to deal with a shattered display.

YOU Might hope it's a breakthrough that overcomes Samsung's stale same old cheaply manufactured overpriced old school design and overwhelming seldom used feature bloat that's broken and needs fixed.

It's going to be interesting how Samsung deals with Android L.

I don't think the Note is a niche device.

Many people I know have one, whether it's an OG Note, Note 2 or Note 3.

It'll be interesting to see how Samsung deals with YOUM and Android L, though.

I also wonder how those "everyone puts a case on their phone" people will read the messages on the edges of their YOUM display.

Not surprising when there are so many good options out there and Samsung tried to pull an apple and release pretty similar device to last year. Make something to wow people and sales will go up

What's amazing to me is not one company has designers smart enough to take the best of all the phones, Nokia or Apples Camera, HTC build, Nokia call quality, great speakers, Samsung waterproofing, LG screen, plus great battery, removable battery, great feel, non slip, plenty of memory, expandable memory etc... And build a phone we all want.

This sounds great in theory, however the engineering behind that would be very tough. The engineer s only have so much space to work with. The other part of the equation would be cost, adding everything plus the kitchen sink would make a ridiculously expensive phone.

I share the same pipe dream, however I do not see it as a reality any time in the seeable future.

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PR China is a tough market to operate in, due to the government. Local firms have a huge advantage.

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Then explain why Samsung was doing just fine until recently. What you posted is just another excuse.

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I had 4 Samesung phones. I jumped ship when I got my LG G3, which is a beast of a phone. Do I miss Touchjizz and Knox? Hell no. Nothing in Samesung's lineup sparks my interest in the least. Not even the Note 4, which will probably be even larger, with more fluff that I wouldn't use. Sorry, Samesung, but I am breaking up with you.

You know you are getting knox back on the LG g3 at the end of the year right?

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no, he's not... he's getting the parts google pulled from it... a lot of Knox is staying with samsung

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The way the Samsung service center handled my replacement request after the screen shattered and radiated from the Home button, I promised them I will NEVER buy anything from them again. Now this news is great to hear, considering how conceited they have become.

Not surprising, I think it may continue. After having over a dozen replacements of 3 different Samsung phones in the last 4 years, I'm done, my note 2 (4th one in 18 months) will be my last Samsung phone. I'm going with a better built and optimized device instead of one with bloated laggy software, cheap components and mediocre build quality.

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If you're falling behind in the fastest growing market, that isn't a good sign. Other markets are mature already and have almost zero room for growth. Samsung's only hope for continued growth was markets like China.

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Samsung will go back to what they have been always been, a hardware oem with great scale, that's it. When you look at the things that put samsung on top then you realize it was not by their own doing, they just benefited from others. Samsung rise was not because they released something like the iphone, they were chosen by apple to help them build the iphone. Samsung did not develop the software they are using in all their phones, it was given to them. So people can keep telling themselves samsung is innovative, but the reality is they are not. What samsung have going for them is hardware scale, and they used that to crush all the android oem's early on. It also did not hurt to spend a boatload in advertising and incentives to push their products and released as many gadgets in as many different sizes to cover every possible user. It worked early on, now that hardware is commoditized that advantage is no longer there.

They need the note 4 to sell well and this time they need to actually update the galaxy s instead of do an incremental update.

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Yes, like apple (which kicked off the smartphone revolution everyone copies and you certainly love, yes that company). Like it or not samsung is going down and there is nothing you and them can do about it.

Every other year Apple does something significant. This year is going to be a big year for them as well. They're not going to let Android Car and TV and wearables go unanswered.

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Except apple DOESN'T do that every year. They have a tick tock schedule for their devices that includes ground up redesigns and major new features every other year.

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Could it be because apple sales went up 13% while samsung went down, I am sure that had nothing to do with it. The iphone line is yet to sell less y/y since 2007, they have been selling more y/y since 2007, but lets not let facts get in the way.

because they keep opening up in new markets... there's a finite number of them... year to year growth will slow

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Learn to read. Apples sales went up. Their market share went down because other brands had a bigger piece of the overall market increase.

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I love love love my note 3, but one thing i will say if rumors are right and samsung ditches android for its own OS.

IM done with them and will go to another manufacturer. It would kill samsung to switch to tizen. Look at webos.

My wife and I have had 2 trouble free years with our S3's. I saw no reason to upgrade to the s4 and even though the S5 seems like a great phone, I just don't have interest in another Galaxy phone. The S5 checks off all the boxes for what I want - battery life, screen, weather sealing, but it has more or less the same form factor and ux as what I already have and it's time for a change. My wife on the other hand picked up a used Note 2 and couldn't be happier. I suspect my wife is more typical of the average Samsung customer, but maybe there are more customers like me than Samsung realizes.

I am with you. I've had my S3 for two years but I was not impressed with the S5. I do not care for another Samsung device. I'd like to try something new. Will wait for the Z3

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I tried the G3 while vacationing in Thailand.

It's one beast of a phone. Anyone who has one probably won't regret their purchase.

Makes sense, china's growing very quickly but Samsung are being out done by xiomi, better spec and cheaper, same goes for mid to low end devices with the likes of the moto g and moto e. For the past year or samsung has not been trying at all imo and just been trying to sell on the galaxy name alone and should say they have diluted the crap out of that. Maybe Samsung will take this as a reminder and come 2015 they will actually be changing things.. Seriously take the moto e, try get something with that price point with a Samsung name and the devices are pathetic same with moto g, closest thing to a moto g is the s5 mini and that's like 3 times the price.

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And what exactly can samsung do that none of the other guys can't. They are all using the same software provided to them by google, so they can't differentiate there. Maybe hardware, not a chance since pretty much all of them uses Qualcomm chips. Samsung exynos chip have been a disaster considering it only gets limited releases in their home country and for all the talk of them been a hardware company Apple is kicking their butts in mobile chips all over the place. So, what can they do to compete? The only thing they have left to compete is price and that is not a race they can win, unless they want their stock to take a beating once their margins disappear. It will be brutal once the big size iphone gets release they will get squeeze by apple at the high end and all those chinese oem's in the low end. I once read somewhere being in the middle is never a place you want to be in a market. 2015 can't get here fast enough, let me go get my popcorn ready for this train wreck.

I wouldn't call it a train wreck just yet there is still a long way for anything like that to be happening. On what they can do, there's plenty of ways to offer choice without flooding the market, they can compete better on price etc. I use to be fan of Samsung making lots of devices and choice but now there product line makes no sense, no better example take the tablet releases the have done. I still think if the average consumer were offered a samsung, moto, LG etc device that all had the same spec and were similar price I would bet majority will opt for Samsung because it is still way way ahead in terms of brand and trust recognition. It's the Chinese market and oems that samsung is losing out too, if you think this means a train wreck for Samsung then your not looking at it properly. We know Chinese market will be dominated by the likes of xiomi, they are already number 2 there already but I doubt those companies will have any success in the West where Samsung are still way way ahead of there Android competition like LG and htc. What this all says in China and emerging markets they need to better compete in price if they want to have large growth. Think of it this way if the Android market share is 1 billion people for example right now and Samsung have 300 million of those people and next quarter the market is 1.5 billion people and Samsung now have 400million out of those 1.5 billion, they still have way and far the biggest share it's just with the newer people joining they really not getting the same as before so there growth is not the same and the market share will actually decrease as the "pie" has gotten bigger but the growth of there sales hasn't increased the same rate as the market which will show as a decrease in market share. Lol not sure how well that came out it would be easier to show it in a chart. Anyways point is this isn't good news but it isn't the doom and gloom look some think it is or hope it is. Let's not forget they still sell in a quarter what some oems sell in a year. They would need to have quite a few bad years like this and there rivals to have huge gains on there loss for them to be in danger.
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What do you think will happen once the chinese oem's start to release their hardware outside of china. If samsung can't differentiate on software or hardware then the only place they can is on price. That's playing the chinese game and a game samsung can't win. We have the pc industry as an example of what happened once a market is saturated and you can't differentiate. HP, Dell are perfect example, now lenovo (a chinese company) is king, the same will happen with all those oem's in the android camp. In the pc industry although apple only have about 10% they make the majority of the profits there, and the only reason they can do that is because of OSX. There will always be a market where people will pay a premium to differentiate and that's the market apple caters to. That strategy in itself will limit your market share, but it will carve out the section that is most profitable and will therefore sustain you in the long run. Apple is using that same model with the iphone, and unlike samsung, they control, the hardware, software and services and they make money on all of them. Samsung only controls the hardware and that's where they make their money, not on software or services, which is another thing their failed at doing. Most of samsung sales are to android users, not samsung users. Let samsung release their tizen os on their galaxy brand with no access to the play store and see what happens to their unit sales. That's their problem, they only control 1 of the 3 stacks you need to differentiate google control the rest which is why they won't be able to maintain their lead much longer.

I agree if the Chinese oems make stride in the Western markets then not only will Samsung be in trouble, others will be too . honestly though I just dont see the likes of xiomi who are the biggest up and coming brand out of China do that great in the big western countries like US and UK etc. Others like ZTE and Huawei have been trying for a long time but don't think they have had much success in markets that are already established. Will see though, I dont think Samsung will be losing top spot anytime soon as they are still miles a head. I just think they need to focus on lesser devices, make there flagships standout from the mid and low end in terms of design as right now whether it's a £500 galaxy or £100 galaxy it all looks the same. There profit margin is quite high compared to other like moto who make slim profits which is why they can sell very cheap so I do think Samsung can compete in price if it wants too if it's willing to cut down on its margins at the low end. Let's see the quarter after note 4,i think many people who were maybe once a galaxy s user may have jumped to the note line or waiting to see the note line. If the decrease is just as bad even after the note 4 then next year could be troubling especially if they stick with what they are doing right now.

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No. I don't. Samsung uses too much money on advertising. They can't stop or else they loose their position in premium markets. The only thing they can do is make a really good inexpensive phone. Like Motorola did, but they might be afraid to do that because if it is as good as the motorolas, their flagship won't look so great.

Not that surprising. When I bought my S4 Samsung offered everything I was looking for:
Bigger screen than my Galaxy Nexus
SD card support - 64GB up from what was the max of 32GB
2GB of RAM
Replaceable battery
Class leading performance

Almost everyone else was skipping SD support and replaceable batteries
Now LG is offering the exact same (but upgraded) package as the S4.
HTC has gone back to including SD support.

Now that companies have stopped taking away features and begun adding them back, it will get much more competitive for Samsung. Add to that the fact that the S5 was an incremental upgrade for S4 owners (the reason I didn't upgrade), the only surprise is that Samsung is only down 3%.

Personally I'm waiting for the Note 4.

Absolutely agree! They need a shake up or just scrap the whole team and start over again with qualified individuals with creative ideas!

Have tab3 and s4,,still no kit Kat,, Far too slow with updates,. Horrid touchwiz and hard button.. Will be getting nexus next time. Vanilla android..

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There sure is a whole lot of marketing experts here whom all seem to have great experience in being the biggest cellphone company on the planet for the past few years....
Personally, although I have tried out a phone here and there, I have been remarkably happy with my S3. It has not failed me yet. It's on 24/7 , never reboot, except for the once in a blue time I need to switch a battery. Nothing has stood out and peeked my interest yet.. I have two upgrades with no will to even upgrade. Especially since I refuse to go from 32GB onboard plus 64 GB SDXC (96 freaking gigs!) to a measly 16 gigs....(Yeah yeah.. Cloud storage.. yada yada yada.. .. Pass pass pass).. I have been looking at the LG, BUT I would prefer another Samsung, BUT I refuse to downgrade from 32 gigs onboard to 16, Should have 64GB onboard! F pushing cloud storage on everyone.

I'm an android fan not a Samsung fan. So I don't really care how many phones they sell. If the continue to release good products I'll buy them, if not I'll buy a different product. Beauty of today, there's TONS of awesome phones to choose from.

Let's face it LG, HTC, Sony and all the other Android device makers are releasing some really great phones as of late. It's not really a surprise Samsung lost some market share.

Market share nosedive seems a little hyperbolic, they still sold far more phones than anyone AND the second place brand ALSO lost market share. Between Apple and Samsung they lost 8% market share yet 5th place LG didn't gain any, that seems like a big fail to me, if they can't gain more market share when the leaders stumble then they're really screwed (I'm using a Nexus 5 btw, nothing against LG). Huawei picked up like 2.5% but it looks like Others were the biggest winners, go figure.

Not hyperbolic at all. The marketshare number isn't quite as important as the actual sales figures. Samsung was he only manufacturer to have a decrease in hard numbers. In a market that saw units sold increase by 55 million, Samsung saw its sales decrease by 3 million phones. That is not good.

I am now on my second Samsung phone; mainly because of the user replaceable battery and Micro-SD card. They still have not delivered the quality materials and finish many people were hoping for. Perhaps that is why they are slipping. If so - God knows they have been told often enough.

Phones continue to commoditize. Cheaper manufactures will eat away at Samsung. Same thing happened to Apple. I see more and more people upgrading their phones to Android but opting for the phones that are free or purchase price based on a contract is affordable.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

Great News.Samdung must know not to release the same damn design year after year making progressively less incremental changes in hardware.The HTC One M8 build quality makes the S5 look laughable in comparison

HTC can't even crack the top 5 tho, and Apple (who arguably also has a high level of build quality) also lost market share. As much as enthusiasts like to believe there's nothing outside their little bubble, I find it hard to believe this downturn came out of people picking phones made out of more premium materials or whatever...

It probably has more to do with Chinese OEM gaining market share. The other big Korean OEM didn't gain any market share, yet Huwaei did. I'd be curious to see who else gained market share under other, but I'm willing to bet it wasn't HTC (possibly Xiaomi etc).

People are always quick to point to apple losing market share. The iphone was up 13%, which means they sold more, that is different than what happened to samsung, in their case they sold less, that's the difference. Samsung is getting their launch eating where they have been able to ship the most (cheap) phones. The galaxy phones that sells in the same price range of the iphone only accounts for 25% of samsung total sales. The majority of samsung sells are from the mid to low end cheap android phones. Which is why even though they ship more phones than Apple, apple still take the majority of the industry profits.

Or you could just read that graph up there that shows an apple increase of, you guessed it, 13 or so percent.

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I'm glad to see companies like Huawei, Lenovo, and LG gaining share at expense of both Samsung and Apple. More competition is good for consumers and will lead to better products!

Except LG didn't gain any market share tho, it actually lost a tiny bit... And Motonovo didn't gain much either. Seems it mostly went to Huawei and other OEMs past 5th place (Xiaomi? OnePlus? HTC?? Sony??). Big failure to capitalize on LG's part if you ask me.

That's exactly who will gain from now on. The android smartphone is going the same route as the pc industry, where people will only buy base on price and not on brand since everyone is using android, like all the pc oem's are using windows.

As witnessed in Korea, LG is poised to eat Samsung's lunch in Western markets during Q3. Furthermore, the upgrade in the niche Note market will be insignificant in Q4.

Bottom line: Samsung’s cheaply made overpriced Galaxys are extremely stale compared with competitive offerings.

Apple sold more iphones last quarter then the same quarter last year, samsung sold less, that is not the same thing. But who am I to point out logic here.

Yes selling 2 different "new" models and clearing inventory for the 5c of course they will have higher sales

Your logic doesn't make sense. Apple should have also seen a sales decline, but their sales were up almost 15% with handsets that are almost a year old.

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Is it too early to claim this as being the fall of Samsung? Or will this be HTC all over again? Probably just bad fortune for Samsung. I am sure they will bounce back.

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Samsung's problem is that they do a good job on the high end market with the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Samsung Galaxy Note Series and a solid job with mid range devices (Galaxy Mega 6.3, Note Neo, and Galaxy S4 mini are all decent devices).

Samsung's low end and low mid range devices are terrible - they freeze, they lag, and they aren't supported for long. When you can buy a Redmi Note or Moto G for $200 and actually get a solid device - why buy a low end Samsung and get a mediocre experience? Samsung needs to improve its low end devices.

Secondly, Samsung needs to shake up the design of its devices a bit. The SGS5 and Note 3 are improvements on the 'plasticy' design criticisms but they still aren't beautiful devices by any means. I think that the LG G3 and HTC One M7/M8 look better than any of Samsung's phones.

None of those things are going to help stop the bleeding. If those things were such a big deal in the android camp, HTC would not be in trouble. Samsung can keep running ads about the iphone all they want, but the people who are eaten their lunch are the lenovo, xiaomi and huawei of the world and those guys only competes on price. It's a race to the bottom and in such a race great designs will not help you as much as price can. Google will be fine in all of this since they control the playstore and android roadmaps but samsung is in trouble.

Did you read my second paragraph? The Moto G and Redmi Note are just 2 examples of excellent low cost low end devices that perform very well and are selling very well.

Creating low end devices that cost $200 that run smoothly is the key for Samsung.

And you still don't get my post, I am not saying the moto g is a bad phone, I am only saying if it's such a hit how come moto have been losing money for the past seven years despite all the cuts, their and google did to try to curb costs. Those phones are basically selling just above cost and moto is still losing money, so according to you, that's what samsung needs to do. I am sure they can do that, but they will have to cut a lot of fat if they plan to cut their 25% margins down to 5 or 6% margins that is the norm in the pc industry outside of the Mac laptop of course.

Of course the apple fan will say this why are u still in androidcentral if you just post here to try to convince us how awesome apple is

Not surprised. The numbers were bound to level out. And that fact that new phones come out each year... Few people will upgrade every year.
Not overly worried. Samsung is still, by far , the best out there. Love my S5

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Easy fix, just release Moto G and E type devices. Make them look more attractive than those with a more sleek design and a few added features(front facing camera and more memory etc) for a cheap price. I'm confident a redesign of the Galaxy line is already in the works starting with the Note 4 which has yet to show up anywhere but has to be coming really soon. Maybe but what do I really know...

There is no money is doing those things, if doing those things were such a great idea Moto would not be in the mess that's its been for seven years running. You can sell phones at cost or just above costs when you can leverage the hardware to sell more software or services. None of the android oem's can do that since google controls the software, services and the playstore. So how exactly can samsung (a hardware) oem make money selling their hardware at cost or below cost to compete with those chinese oem's. This is nothing new, that's what happened in the pc industry and it's currently starting to take place in the android smartphone market.

You make a valid point. I'm not exactly sure but they definitely have to figure something out to cut into those sales a bit. I'll leave it to the experts though, maybe there isn't a easy fix for that.

The fact is selling of devices will start to decline for everyone eventually. All smartphones pretty much do everything, some just do it differently. Enterprise, services, and wearables are the next transition. Apple, Google, MS, BlackBerry they are all gunning for enterprise. Apple, Google, and MS are all working services as well. The focus will shift to getting consumers to lock in to the services of that platform. Out of all the upcoming devices, the only one of interest to me is surprisingly the bigger iPhone and the Droid maxx 2.

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Whether you like it or not samsung market share will continue to go down, nevermind their profits since it went down 25% this quarter and will continue it's down trend. They can't clone another iproduct yet so they are suffering. That's what happens when you are a quick follower and not a market defining company. Hardware scale have always been samsung strength, now that this strength is getting neutralize let's see how well they do without a google or an apple to lead them.

They were the only manufacturer whose sales went down. Not good in a market that expanded by 55 million units.

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Maybe they should stop making gold phones. Maybe they should make affordable phones with good specs. Maybe they shouldn't come out with a new galaxy every month. Over saturates the galaxy name

Posted via my LG LS740 and The Android Central App

Getting a new design department (especially hardware) would be a good start.

Looks like people are finally getting sick of the boring and dated design of Samsung phones. The GS5 somehow managed to look worse than its predecessors.

Complacency, that's their problem. They forget that Apple has no competitors in their ecosystem. They have loyal customers who go for something better, regardless of the name. They musy deliver what the customers wants, not what they think we want.

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I'm really not sure why anyone would be surprised that Samsung's market share is dipping. For a while, whether we like to admit it or not, Samsung was the major player in the Android Market space. But starting with last year, there were many more high quality hardware and software introduced by other manufacturers that met or exceeded what Samsung was putting out. I see continued high quality Android devices from other manufacturers continuing to eat away at Samsung's market share. Wearables will not save them. They need to come out with a killer device, not just small incremental improvements like they have been doing. Adding everything including the kitchen sink in regards to features is not the answer. Complacency is a killer.

Posted via Android Central App from a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10

Well it's cuz competition has gotten tougher. Also the whole inert designs of Samsung (all phones looking the same, I mean granted the size difference between a galaxy pocket and note but between the 4.3 to 4.7 inch there are several models that are just identical)
While the colors of the s5 are a breath of fresh air the phones still look generically similar.
Its good to follow a cohesive design but it can still be distinct (take some ideas from Sony)
Speaking of Sony, they have done tremendous progress and so have LG (nexus line for India)
Meanwhile motorola making a comeback while htc is trying hard
All these means that while Samsung phones remain a "safe choice" they aren't necessarily the interesting choice, the other device makers try really hard now and since several years working full time on development of devices that were hit or miss the "non Samsung" crowd has learned a thing or two about making good devices

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I love Samsung phones, I hope they fall tho so ppl can hate on another company because at one point apple was who ppl hated

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