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If Samsung's latest patent filings are anything to go by, it looks like the manufacturer is mulling smartwatches with rounded displays, much like Motorola's upcoming Moto 360.

The folks over at MobileGeeks have managed to uncover three new smartwatch design patents that highlight a camera on the bracelet that is leveraged for a new gesture recognition system and a charging port at the clasp in addition to the rounded displays. It is unclear as to how the gesture recognition system will be implemented, but this isn't the first time we've seen gesture interactions from Samsung, as patents from last year also featured a similar gesture-driven navigation.

What do you guys think of the design? Would you be interested if Samsung launched a smartwatch with a rounded screen?

Source: USPTO 1, 2, 3


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Samsung's latest smartwatch design patents reveal rounded displays


I still think Samsung doesn't know how to design a watchband, but that's just my opinion.

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Samsung does quiet well with EVERYTHING they do.
they're the only company taking bold leaps, willing to experiment to bring us the best products on the market.

Thanks for the ad! But he only criticised their watch bands not their whole enterprise.

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EXACTLY, i'm not saying the watch is bad, just how the incorporate the watchband to be unchangeable to be stuck with what it comes with or to use one of their proprietary bands and nothing else.

No, because it would be deprecated a month after I bought it, when they bring out the round-smart-watch+ with 10 mAh more battery and a face 0.5mm larger.

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Are you confusing deprecation with depreciation? Of course the value will depreciate.

That's kind of the point. When I spend money on something I know will depreciate, I want to know it's the best the manufacturer can do at the time, not just their iteration of the month.

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Frankly, unless we start seeing some huge leaps in batteries or screen tech I think Wear smartwatches stand to hold up pretty well post purchase... For one thing, Google handling OS updates should be huge throughout the first year or two.

Beyond that, the next logical step in hardware isn't instantly obvious, there's minor things they can improve like glass coating, strap design, etc; but nothing huge jumps out (barring a big leap in battery development).

Plus specs just matter a lot less in a device that's way more passive in nature. I think if anything, different models aimed at different usage cases might induce more churn than anything more technical. Sports models, cheaper budget models, etc.

The real device will look worse than the sketch my friend, thanks to Samsung and their lovely design team

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I say bring it all on. Its time for the "round peg in a square hole" people to emerge with something big here.

I want thin, wireless and more than a days BL.

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The fact all their watches run Tizen except Live, and their glass wearable run Tizen it's not like it's far fetch to believe that.

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They have three watches. Two were to get a jump on the market and to bundle. They didn't meet wear standards so they moved them to Tizen to continue support.

Makes sense.

Wear is released and they jumped on it. I would expect that 75% from here on out will be wear, not Tizen (the exception being cheap regional devices)

The Samsung Android break-up is GREATLY exaggerated

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I am with you. As long as it does what I need and the company is reliable I don't care much who makes it

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I bet if someone were to look at most of the patent filings surrounding smart watches, most OEMs would have included drawings showing round devices. If they didn't, that's just showing a lack of forethought.

You meant to finish that sentence with

Like the Motorola 360.

It will get more nibbles that way

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Being forced to use yet another propitiatory strap design (which also looks fixed so it can't be repaired - they always break or fracture) would make this design a clear "NO!" for me. Sorry SAM - fail!

And if there is a bezel like the 360 it will be loved because Samsung. /sarcasm

Honestly it's pretty cool to see another round display. I'm still waiting for the Moto but if this came out first I'd give it a shot

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I'm surprised they haven't made a wristband for the GS5.....

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This has shown up before. I can't judge until it actually comes into fruition and hopefully Android Wear has matured or Google allows some tweaks by manufacturers even if it has to be done through the Play store some how. Say what you want about Samsung but their smartwatches(before the Live) were getting more than one day of use running Android which says something to me.

Should we really be surprised? You know this was nothing more than a jab at Apple for their rounded corners and a button patents :) But, I am sure, Apple will pay someone off to be moved to the front of the line to get the rounded smart watch patented first.

Samsung again fails to learn. Do not incorporate things into the strap. When it comes to something as personal style wise as a watch, not being able to change the strap is a deal-breaker for many