Gear S

Samsung is keen on developer support for its latest smartwatch, the Gear S, and has released a new version of the Gear SDK that adds support for the SIM-enabled wearable device.

New features in the Gear SDK include the ability to build apps that tap into the cellular functions of the Gear S with the network, call and location-based APIs. New sensor APIs are also added to the Gear SDK, which should allow developers to access information from all the sensors on the Gear S. The Gear line of smartwatch have over 1,000 tailored apps, and with the new SDK in the hands of developers, that number should swell in time by the time the Gear S hits store shelves.

If you're looking to develop apps for the Gear S, head on to the link below to grab the latest version of the Gear SDK.

Source: Samsung Developers


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Samsung's latest Gear SDK adds support for the Gear S


How pathetic. But admirable of them for their determination to make this succeed.

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It's pretty Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period they control the direction of android period nothing else matters.

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