Samsung has released an video for its involvement with the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals). The company really is a hit or a miss when it comes to marketing its own family of products. Samsung's attempt to take over Terminal 5 at Heathrow was met by a mixed reception, while its recent Galaxy 11 football-match-to-save-the-world adverts are just strange. It's pleasing to see the company has returned to simple, yet effective presentations.

Sure enough, it's for the ASP World Tour, of which Samsung is a global partner, but it's a neat advert nonetheless. What do you make of the video and will you be tuning into the ASP?


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Samsung's latest ad follows surfing professionals and isn't cringeworthy


I'm not into surfing but this is one great commercial. Samsung really knows how to get them done right.

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Wow, Samsung truly is one of the greatest companies on the planet. They never stop listening to their customers and they are willing to take risks to satisfy their customers.

That is a great commercial and looks and sounds even better on my HTC M8

Looks like Samsung has a hit on it's hands with this one

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Cool commercial I guess.

I must admit, I think Samsung's marketing sometimes has a bigger impact on their partners then on Samsung itself. I have never heard of the Association of Surfing Professionals or the ASP World Tour, but I'll be looking it up now. I'm sure that Samsung is more of a household name than the ASP is. The ASP World Tour probably benefits more from this commercial than Samsung does.

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Yeah but I am willing to bet that this is not a commercial that you are going to see during a baseball game on ESPN, but specifically targeted to the surfing crowd and/or events. It makes sense to throw your partners out in front

Nice commercial! Glad they're branching out into more "exotic" sports than the typicals.

Side note: When I played this video full screen on this page youtube only expanded the top half, and stayed on this page in the bottom half :S Multi-tasking on chrome? Loll

Reminds you that the only thing Apple sponsors is product red. Cant be bothered to sponsor anything ANYTHING else.

It's a bit long, but this is a great commercial. Samsung is definitely getting better at these kinds of spots. The music especially was just right. And they even got to show some of the features of the phone, like when it had sand and water all over it while the person was taking the picture.

Good commercial, and great cinematography, but the music really didn't seem to match the images very well. To slow.

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I think I prefer the the latest advert for tablets the last couple of lines 'what do you mean your samsung has a better screen than your samsung mines got the retina thingy' the look the woman gives is just priceless

Yeah umm very boring and took too long to get to the point. I like the iphone bashing better by a large margin. They were funny, informative, and engaging.