Samsung's first Tizen powered smartphones are set to hit the market in Q2 of this year according to a report by Reuters. Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung's product strategy team, said that the first phone to launch around the end of the second quarter will be a high end model, with the next a more mid-range effort. He also said that "Android still needs to be our main business."

Samsung has previously tried to launch Tizen smartphones through Orange and NTT Docomo but failed due to "poor market conditions." Seemingly the timing is now better, and would follow Samsung's Tizen powered wearables, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo to market.

Source: Reuters


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Samsung's first Tizen phones launching in Q2 2014, Android remains 'main business'


dont see google being happy. that said more choice is good. it sounds like a drink by the way tizer!

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

And this is why Samsung sucks... They are doing that so they can branch away from android which took years to become the polished os it is today. Now Samsung wants to change to tizen? They suck for that and one again I will display my huge disappointment in the OEM. If is wasn't for Samsung I wouldn't be the android fanboy I am today, but now I am disgusted with their moves. It doesn't matter how many features they add... Point blank they suck now. They can have all the hardware and features known to man, if they remove the choice from the consumer when it comes to how the phone operates and functions, then they are locking down the devices functionality to what THEY think is good... The complete opposite of Googles philosophy which is (let the user decide, let the user make the choices) that is why android is so successful and why android is spanking apples iPhone, so samsung is going to leave the winning side and join the philosophy of the big loser Apple, good decision. Man these OEMS are never going to learn. Well! Let me take that back, there are plenty of OEMS that are sticking to Googles ways and if you ask anyone who knows anything, it's those OEMS that are going to continue to succeed... Samsung might be the number one android seller we have right now, but they are moving to tizen and therefore they just shot themselves in the foot. The success is going to their head. Samsung would be nothing if it wasn't for android and now they want to abandon the loyal android followers and switch OS. Huge mistake, stick a fork in Samsung... Their done! I'm sure Google is rejoicing, considering they just signed that 10 yr patent deal with Samsung... See ya Samsung! Google has the rights to your technology and they will replace you like a McDonald's drive thru attendant! Google makes everything happen, and if you leave them then your leaving the company that single handedly put apple to shame... Have fun Samsung! The higher you climb the harder you fall... First thing I learned in business ( if you are a success, NEVER change the formula) companies that change their approach are companies that are failing... And successful companies that change, learn what failure feels like very quickly.

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So true!!!! All the talk of them wanting to jump boat is coming to fruit. It sickens me.
HTC is still my favorite OEM. I wish Asus would come play a bigger game. I'm a huge Asus fan being a PC builder. If Samsung flops like this, who will step up to be champion OEM for Google? I know Google and HTC have a great relation. LG seems out of touch lately. Many curious things might soon happen

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Agreed....I gave up on Sammy for HTC a while back. I just hope they can stay afloat long enough to take over more of the business Sammy will continue to lose over stuff like this.

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How is LG out of touch? The LG G2 was on every US carriers and distributed around the globe, and that phone has been updated to the newest OS on most (if not all by now) US carriers and a large percentage globally. Also, LG has authored the last two Nexus devices. Please define "out of touch".

I agree. LG has been doing great things lately. The G2 is an outstanding phone and it appears they will soon clean up their ui

The Flex. Out of touch. Why does that phone exist. LGs UI is laggy from what I've experienced (still better than TouchWiz IMO) . 720p pannels on handsets.

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How can you say Samsung is limiting choice when Tizen actually adds more choice for the consumer? I'm not a Samsung fan, and I think Tizen will probably fail. But, bringing Tizen out will force Google to make Android all the more better.

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Competition is good and it's not like they will just abandon android they will continue making phones running windows, android and tizen it's actually a smart strategy incase tizen does become popular then they will have a head start on everyone else that wants to use it.

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Michael Jordan5, your comments are completely misguided!

So Samsung is building Tizen-based smartphones. The free market -- the buying public and neither you nor me personally -- will determine if their Tizen-based smartphones will be better than their Android-based smartphones or worse. If the Tizen-based smartphones are better than their Android ones (or even just as good), then great; consumers have more choices and the market can then buy better smartphones based on Tizen. And if Samsung's Tizen-based smartphones are worse than Android smartphones; so what, no one is forcing you or anyone else to buy one. In fact, the company can go bankrupt (extremely doubtful but let's even consider that) but, as long as you're not a stockholder, why care?

(And if you are a stockholder, you can sell your stock now if you think building Tizen-based smartphones is such a bad decision.)

Yes, Samsung currently makes great (though not perfect) Android phones; in my personal opinion, currently the best smartphones. In fact, I love my Note 2 and am holding out for a Note 4. But that does not mean that Samsung will always make the best phones nor even that Android will always be the best smartphone operating system. Hey, there was a time that "Windows Mobile 6" was *the* smartphone operating system (and the HTC Touch Pro/AT&T Fuze were the smartphones to get) and time before that when the Palm OS (and the Treo smartphones) ruled. Indeed, there was even a time when HTC was *the* Android smartphone manufacturer of choice with phones like the Droid and the Evo. Things change and, ultimately, that is a good thing.

Even more, Samsung as a company is under absolutely no obligation to provide you personally with what you want. They are in the business of making money and if their marketing research shows that they can make more money by building Tizen-based smartphones in addition to Android-based ones or even by replacing Android smartphones with Tizen-based ones (which, let's be clear, they have NOT said that they are doing), then more power to them. It's a risk but risk is what all business decisions are, and if it pays off then great for them and, ultimately, the consumers.

I'm sorry but this whining by some about Samsung making Tizen-based smartphones reminds me of little children whining because their parents won't give them the flavor of lollipop they want.

You are a fucking saint! Excuse the language but you took the time to explain what I have no patience to explain. It still blows my mind that people (adults at that) don't know the importance of competition. Seriously makes my head spin. Awesome post.

Thank you.

I had to address another adult making a childish rant about a completely different subject the other day. Maybe I'm learning patience or maybe I was just in the mood.

Settle down, man. Nobody has said they are going to stop making Android phones. Tizen will fail and then Android will return to being their sole focus.

And, BTW, regarding Samsung and your statement about "IF they remove the choice...". Hate to tell you, but my S4 (and, I suspect, the S5) is locked down TIGHT.

Couple things wrong with your rant:

-As another user mentioned, adding another OS increases choice, it doesn't decrease choice. They won't change how the phone operates because that may alienate some consumers.

-Apple is not a big loser. I love Android as much as the next guy, but Apple has 40% of the market while only selling three phones at one time. That's not losing.

-Not every OEM has to follow Google's vision of Android. That's what makes Android great. And if Google's vision is so superior, why did you root your Nexus 7 and install a custom ROM? Why not just use vanilla Android?

-Samsung already makes Windows Phone, and haven't abandoned Android. Why would producing a Tizen phone be any different?

So much anger.

If its better than Android I'll use it, if it sucks I won't.

And I say that as someone who has used android since 1.1. Things change. I don't understand the emotional attachment.

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nobody cares about your dragged out storyline about why you think Samsung sucks. First thing you learned in business is what? So you make more money then Samsung? haha! Good job!

This rant is hilarious... and you think google can just replace Samsung?? Google wouldn't be the worldwide force they are today without Samsung. All you have to do is look at android marketshare by OEM to see that. So there's no replacing them like a drive thru attendant. Samsung is the number 1,2,3,4 and 5 top seller. the closest competitor OEM to them in the android space is so far underneath their marketshare. Remember when motorola was doing so good that everyone called android phones "droids?" Samsung has achieved the same thing with it's galaxy line and surpassed it. They aren't going anywhere and they definitely have weight to pull. Google does not fully run this show...

and just for kicks.. good business is following a successful formula, not changing it. Strange to hear that when everyone seems to Bash samsung nowadays for not having vastly significant changes to the S5 over the S4. These comments get so damn fickle sometimes...

Samsung would be nothing without Android to an extent, but also Android would be nothing without Samsung to that same degree.

All I know is Samsung phones are awesome..but like it says in the beginning I power up my GS5..its powered by Android. .which means without Android.. the Samsung phones wouldn't have the success they have today in the market. .Samsung you better stay with Android or prepare to loose lots of customers. .

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And without Samsung, Android would not be where it is.

Neither really holds true anymore. Without a doubt they are stronger together but can live separate lives now

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Well the Motorola Droid D1 realyy put Android on the map IMO back in 2009/2010 and thanks to Verizon's branding of Droid and Millions in advertising. To date Verizon has spent about Half a Billion in Licensing Droid and commercials for it. It's the reason I got a D1 as my first smart phone and learned about Android.

Exactly, the Droid line and Verizon really put Android on the map. Sammy just took the ball and starting running for the endzone. Tizen is open souced too, but as other have over dramatically stated it'd be foolish for Sammy to drop Android as their main market. That's why they won't do it (for a long electronics years). The average consumer doesn't really know or care what powers their smartphone/tablet, but I wouldn't underestimate how many of those folks talk to the "one" techy person they know before making a purchase. As you can see the force runs stong in the fanbois.

Week ban, never came back from what I am told. I missed whatever it was

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That explains why it has been more pleasant in the comments lately.

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If you miss him he is on google+ spreading his gospel, about sausages, monkey balls and periods.

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Well maybe at some point Samsung will abandon android. This should help HTC sales. That is if people realize tizen isn't android before buying the phone.

hmmm, your last sentence is spot on and really says it all! People want a phone that best does what they want it to do; they don't care what operating system it runs.

Personally, because of the breadth and choice of Google Apps available for Android and not because of the Android operating system itself, I think it highly unlikely that a Tizen-based smartphone will ever meet my needs (or the needs of most people) as well as an Android-based one but if I am wrong and a Tizen-based smartphone one day does; I (and I dare say, a good number of other people) will be switching to Tizen without regrets.

Me personally, I did it from Palm to Windows Mobile to now Android over the years. Without regrets. And I know there are millions of others who have done the same.

What if Tizen phones include some type of compatibility layer or virtual machine that would allow them to run Android apps? Given the patent deal with Google, that's not a far-fetched scenario - on an octa-core (or even quad-core) phone there wouldn't be much, if any, performance hit.

illdini, good point and good idea!

If that happens, and if otherwise the Tizen-based smartphone is better, then I'm buying a Tizen-based phone from Samsung. No problem.

This will only bother me if Samsung does one thing - Use Tizen to finally launch a device made with premium materials and a new design, while they continue to use cheap plastic and the same tired design for the Android side of the business.

Then it will prove that their focus is Tizen and they will use the new design the steer people towards it.

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It'll also be interesting to see what happens in the app market if another OS is added to the fray! Will devs write programmes for Apple, Android, Blackberry Windows, Sailfish, and now Tizen?

I've had an S2, S3, and S4. The S4 is likely my last Samsung phone. They are becoming the Apple of Android and just don't care for many of their design factors (bezel got bigger on S5 and hate the physical home button). LG G3 will likely be my next phone. LG is simply making a better phone (G2 > S4) and i don't see that changing anytime soon with LG being the underdog. I did just buy Note 12.2 which I would have highly preferred a 12 inch tablet from another vendor (stupid physical home button again) but no one makes one other than Windows tablets so Samsung still has the best tablet. LG are you listening? Build a 10 and 12 inch tablet already!!

Samsung are really pushing forward with their big successful head. But I can't help but wonder what happened since the time of the feature phone when every manufacturer had their own operating system. What makes Samsung think it will be different this time?

But then I'm thinking: why should we care? Even if this is sign of Samsung breaking off from Android so what? Those of us that love Android will still have Android I'm sure the platform will not collapse. And those who love Samsung will continue to buy Samsung because most neither know nor care what it is powered by. (Or maybe now since S5 they will start realizing it)

TouchWiz is such a heavy skin with so much "bloat" that I'm guessing the Android and tizen interfaces will be almost the same... Meaning people won't be able to tell which is which. This would allow a smooth transition from one to the other for people who don't know any better. All speculation of course.

If I were samsung, I would take names from lines of code from apples iOS and use them to name the Tizen phones.

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This has been in the works for some time now in my opinion. Sammy wants a phone that is damn near 100% there's. They already make their own processors, UI and screens. It'll be successfully because the average user doesn't care what's running in the background as long as the interface is pretty; It has cool gimmicks; slick advertising and they can get all the apps they want. From the videos i've seen it looks like a mixture of Windows phone & android so it'll impress enough people.I don't think they'll abandon Android immediately but the change will happen.