Samsung's ChatON app updated with Olympic buddy

Samsung's instant messaging client, ChatON, was just updated with a few new features, including an Olympic buddy that can keep you up to date with daily schedules, medal tables, and breaking news. Here's the full changelog. 

  • Olympic buddy (Daily Schedules, Medal Tables, Breaking News)
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Skin/Bubble download
  • Typing status
  • Edit buddy's name
  • New ChatON logo
  • Image zoom-in/out
  • Minor bugs fixed

As always, ChatON provide cross-platform instant messaging, group chat, file transfers, and lots of profile personalization options. If you're looking for more ways to follow the Olympics, be sure to check out our app roundup.  

Do any of you guys actually use ChatON? What's your favorite instant messaging client on Android these days?

Download: ChatON (Free)


Reader comments

Samsung's ChatON app updated with Olympic buddy


I use it more than standard text app like chomp.
But more for the group chats feature since tmobile phones cant respond to att or verizon group text.
Just a good cheap way for all of our multi-platform friends to stay connected.

I use Google talk, which is lacking to be quite honest. Can't believe Google chat is still missing copy/paste, unable to send pics or anything. derp

google wants you to use google+ messenger, has everything you just asked for

I use whatsapp(great group messenger), Talk, and google+ messenger

ChatOn is better but WhatsApp has been around since like 3 years or so coming from BB and Nokia apps so it has a lot more users, also ChatOn doesnt have a Nokia app

Chat on is a really good messaging app. The UI is great and it has a buttload of features like high rez pics, video, location, animated messages, and now walkie talkie! It's also available on pretty much every OS, even windows phone.

Does ChatOn only work on Samsung phones though? A friend of mine tried to install on a LG Optimus 3D phone and couldn't install, kept getting "network error" message.