Samsung to pay $650 million plus royalties as part of settlement

Ericsson's ongoing patent dispute with Samsung has ended with an agreement on licensing terms as part of a multimillion dollar settlement, the former has announced. Ericsson says Samsung will pay around $650 million plus "ongoing royalty payments" to end the spat, ongoing since 2012, which relates to cellular networking and touchscreen technologies. Full details of the settlement are to remain confidential, but Ericsson says the agreement covers "a new multi-year license agreement" and "ends all ongoing patent related legal disputes" between the two.

The announcement comes just hours after Samsung reached a ten-year cross-licensing agreement with Google. Meanwhile Samsung remains locked in legal combat with bitter rival Apple, with the next trial set to begin in March.

Source: Ericsson; via: Reuters

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Asbjörn says:

Stopped litigating and started innovating...I like it.

NoNexus says:

Hey HTC, this is how you prevent injunctions. Yes I know that Apple is really the thorn in their side, but still the point is be proactive instead of getting caught with your pants down.

DaFonZisBack says:

So sad how these manufacters gotta be up on Sammy's grill. They so dum

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kcerica says:

It's nice that these big companies are starting to work together. Maybe now that they don't have to worry so much about lawsuits for everything they do they can start rolling out with some new game-changing features & designs.

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radgatt says:

I've noticed that Samsung has been guilty in a lot of these disputes. Seems as if they became number 1 by combining everything they infringed upon to make something that everyone likes. Make tons of money then settle with everyone for smaller amounts of money and keep the profits. Interesting to see how things finally end with Apple, if they ever end.

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pseudoelf says:

We hear about Samsung now because they are the biggest. These technologies are iterative, interconnected, and evolutionary so chances are that every manufacture infringes upon everybody else.

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It is an interesting business model. And as long as they remain profitable I guess it'll continue.

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pseudoelf says:

There are plenty of lawsuits and agreements between most companies anyway.

paul-c says:

It would be cool if Ericsson started making phones again.

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tigerchilly says:

Samsung cant seem to catch a break.,

NoNexus says:

This is one.

They essentially paid fees for past and future licensing of some tech.

this saves lawyer fees, bad press, possible injunctions, etc...