Samsung Vibrant update

Slipped in under the radar this week has been an update to the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. This update -- aka T959UVKB5 (or KB5, for short) is just some bugfixes, and T-Mobile's not saying exactly what bugs are being fixed. (No, it's not Gingerbread.)

And now, the bad part: The update's not being pushed out over the air. Instead, you have to use the Samsung Kies Mini software. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's also a bit ridiculous that you have to plug in your phone to update it when Android has such an excellent OTA upgrade system. Le sigh.

Anyhoo, charge up, plug in and wash them bugs right out of your hair, if you're so inclined. [T-Mobile via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Slackerjack!


Reader comments

Samsung Vibrant gets some bugfixes; load KB5 via Kies Mini


Will this fix the Avatar movie that got locked with the update of android 2.2 and is this preparing the vibrant for android 2.3

To fix Avatar movie on the vibrant go to settings, apps, manage apps, all, drm protected storage, and clear the data.Reboot phone 2 times and should work, I did this and it worked great for me.

Does it have any effect on the stock email client notification sound? I won't be able to run the update until tonight when I get home.

Did you also have the lag fix installed when you updated? I'm wondering if I need to remove the lagfix before updating.

Upgraded. Had to try it twice though, as the upgrade failed the first time for me.

This fixed the problem where the phone would play a T-Mobile startup sound even when it was in silent mode. Woohoo!

If I don't back-up my phone before upgrading will I lose my pics,apps, contacts, etc.? If so what's the easiest way to back-up and restore. This is an unrooted phone running 2.2

This also fixed GPS zoning issues. I got a vibrant for WIND in Canada and its now finding a lock in under 30 seconds compared to before where I was lucky to find a lock. Good job Samsung!