Vibrant release July 15

Remember that July 21 date for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant on T-Mobile?  It looks like that's not gonna happen.  Instead, some leaked documents say that the phone will actually be available on July 15 -- a full week or so early.  Maybe T-Mobile decided to get in on the party a little early to time with Verizon's Droid X launch, or maybe they just love us more than we thought.  Either way it looks like you 'll have an opportunity to get some 4 inch SAMOLED goodness in your hands a week sooner than we all expected.  [Tmonews | Engadget]


Reader comments

Is the Samsung Vibrant coming to T-Mobile a week earlier than expected?


There is nothing wrong with the Galaxy line of phones. They are a very good phone for the money.

I suspect that given all the bad press Apple is getting and the fact that their Antenna problem can't be fixed with software, many people are probably in the market for other solutions. Especially those on the fence about an iPhone.

The carriers realize this, and are scrambling to get their phones to market.

All except ATT who has to coddle Apples balls a little longer before they can launch an android competitor against apple.

It's simply too bad that T-Mo had Sammy mod the original phone design to remove the front-facing cam and the flash. Otherwise I'd be waiting in line to get one.

So...I kept holding off on ordering the phone mainly because they had turned off the wifi hotspot feature of the phone (which I need for my ipad). Figured out how to fix the problem and decided to order the phone. Apparently the fastest way to get the phone was to order it through Radio Shack. So I go down to RS and pre order the phone, schedule a time on the 21st to pick up the phone and lay down my $50. Pleased with myself I get home, fire up my RSS reader and the first thing I see is that I can now get the phone at TM on the 15th! Arrrrrrggghhhhh!!!! I wonder if RS will get the phone early or if I now have to wait an extra week.