Samsung Galaxy S phones get CM7 support

We've been seeing serious work on getting the GSM flavors of the Samsung Galaxy S line into the CyanogenMod 7 project for about three months, but now it's officially official -- the Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Captivate, and Samsung Galaxy S i9000 have been merged into the CM7 source tree.  Nightlies are currently building, and should be ready for you to test TDR's bandwidth very shortly.

Note that these aren't general release builds.  Nightly builds are prone to bugs, and best left for the advanced user.  If that's you, get ready to check the CyanogenMod mirror network for your version's build.

Source: @koush


Reader comments

Samsung Vibrant, Captivate, i9000 merged into CyanogenMod 7 tree


Look forward to seeing the CDMA phones there too. CommRom is nice, but I miss some of the Cyanogenmod features I got used to.

That's the boot animation for CM 6, not CM 7. Just saying, a more appropriate image could have been chosen.

Epic and Fascinate are not GSM, they're CDMA... I think there's still an alpha-phase CM7 port going on to the Fascinate (Kasocinate or something of the sorts?).

Meanwhile have they fixed the damn GPS lock issues with cyanogenmod on EVO? Seriously I had this same dang problem on my G1.