Vibrant in the cart!

Here ya go -- the Samsung Vibrant is available for order at T-Mobile's website and as soon as the stores open up in the morning should be on the shelves.  Hope you got your Gmail account ready and all your 3D games picked out at AppBrain so you're ready for this screamer. 

Be sure to shout out if you ordered one of these jewels.  I wanna live through you for just a moment. :) [T-Mobile]


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Samsung Vibrant available online, on store shelves in a few hours


I pre-ordered mine at Radio Shack but ended up buying it at a T-Mobile store. The reason...Because Radio Shack would not sell me the phone for the retail price. They told me I could only get it as a upgrade or new activation. I think that is bullshit. I hope they really do go out of business in 2011

I went into the radio shack in our mall today. The sleezy looking manager told me it wasn't out yet and to expect it tomorrow or Saturday... and asked me if I wanted to pre-order. I went to the T-mobile kiosk right outside the store and got to play with a real one. Its a nice phone, definitely jumping on the epic now.

T-Mobile's customer care is so great, my contract didn't end for another whole month and after talking with them I'm getting the full upgrade early(That means I'm saving 300 bucks now!)so now I can finally put my G1 to rest.

Going in tomorrow after work to get this beast of a phone. Shame it's being over shadowed by the locked-down non open source friendly Droid X.

I completely agree with you. This phone has a faster GPU, a better screen, and is not locked down like the Motorola Droid X.

Oh well, people will choose marketing every time over a better product. Verizon's got the money to market the Droid X, even though its an inferior phone.

It is a shame look at the little press this phone has gotten. Shoot I would get this over the x any day of the week and laugh my way home

First of all, the AT&T Version is $200 w/2 year contract. That is the same price as the T-Mobile version.

Also, over the life of the 2 year contract, you will save approximately $535 by going with T-Mobile.

Furthermore, the AT&T Version will be locked to the Android Market and will not allow sideloading of apps... I think I'll stick with the T-Mobile version

Yes!!!! YES!!! I am getting one of these!! I was going for the Droid X, but after learning that its got a cryptographic fuse and will NEVER be ROOTED, I'm sticking with T-Mobile..

Cheaper monthly fees, and the Samsung 1Ghz Hummingbird Processor and GPU is faster than the Droid X GPU. PLUS... a ROOTABLE PHONE!

499.99 retail price, tmobile always find a way to f*** things up, first they did not post pricing until today now i know why, how is it that this phone has way less feature than the htc evo and they price it much more expensive, i was waiting to get this phone but the $499.99 is a deal breaker for me, way to go tmobile or should i say suckmobile.

You better read again... it's $199 with 2 year contract.

I just got the myTouch 3G Slide and am extremely happy with it, so won't be switching + I am not a fan of Samsung phones. But for those who are looking for something with a larger screen, etc., this is a nice choice.

So you are complaining about a $50 difference? Interesting....

I will be going to Radio Shack promptly at 10 to pick up my phone.

You totally misread my post. I am not complaining about anything! I have a brand new myTouch 3G Slide (which I would not give up for anything)... it was the post previous to mine that I was commenting on. That post complained about the Samsung being $499 on T-Mobile's web site and that T-Mobile messed up in charging so much. I only said that it is not $499, but $199 with a two year contract.

In reality, it could be $99 for all I care. It makes no difference to me. I don't like Samsung phones, never have and will never buy one. Just my own feeling. I absolutely love my myTouch 3G Slide and will keep it until the wheels go square (as they say).

You guys heard about the merger Sprint is thinking of doing with T-Mobile. It's going to be crazy if that happens. Sprint is thinking smart due to LTE coming soon.

Just got of the phone with T-Mobile and got an early upgrade for this baby cant wait!!wil be stalking UPS driver until it arrives!!

there is no merger on the table. Hesse simply said if both tmobile and sprint went LTE (which neither of them are doing ATM) then a merger MIGHT make sence. Sprint is still building wimaxx. Tmobile is doing HSPA+ 21mb/s right now with plans to up it to 44 mb/s next year. The only thing faster would be LTE but you will pay double the price for it monthly. Concidering most people get 3mb/s or less right now on any carrier, 44 will be more than ill ever need on a cell phone. And at half the cost of vzw/att to boot.

And the Vibrant can take full advantage of the 21/mbs when it gets turned on in your area. The version for ATT cant. So why would you pay so much more for ATT's crappy service and get slower speeds as well, when you could pay for the cheaper service which has better reception in many areas and get about 10x faster internet?

I ordered mine at 12:05am. Now i just need to find a good hard case for it.

Showed up at the Melbourne, FL store at 8:45 - no lines, nobody anywhere to be seen. Waited 15 minutes for doors to open, got the first one, walked out and still nobody else other than employees.

I'm loving it! Now, if I could only get some work done on the job today? Nah! LOL

Sweet, I may stop into a T-mobile store today then and check one out. Did they have a display model that was functional? Which store did you go to? I'm in Merritt Island, FL right now and I have the day off. I'm not going to buy this version, I just want to give the OS a test drive.

I just got back from getting mine at line no waiting. Luckily they dont sell Verizon. :)

I got mine. Best phone I've owned so far. The enterprise features are totally awesome. Many of e-mail and calender features that were only available on blackberry previously. I love it. Good bye Moto Cliq forever!