The Samsung Vibrant 4G, Samsung's latest upgrade from the original Samsung Vibrant is expected to launch on Feb 23, according to this leaked image. This release date may come as a bit of a shock to many, considering that the original Vibrant owners are still awaiting an update for their device to Android 2.2. Then again, we don't really know what the Vibrant 4G is, or what it's rocking, now do we? [via TmoNews]


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Samsung Vibrant 4G launching Feb. 23?


so dumb. gimme my update tmob, or samsung whichever of you fine companies is holding my update back.

Quit trying to squeeze us for more money and just give us what you said you would.

I wonder to the carriers or manufacturers even read the posts on here. To be really effective log on to their sites and complain. You might get further with the rants

I thought it was basically just the same hardware but with HSPA+ support and it comes with Inception and a front facing camera. Regardless, its still going to be crap because samsung made it, and they think people really want an iPhone so they made touchwiz to be just like iPhone, but we bought android devices now didn't we. Except everyone, HTC, Motorola, Samsung decided their crappy UI will be better than the default android UI. And the hardware might have a GPS issue that won't actually get fixed. The software will be on a proprietary filesystem that can't handle more than one command at the same time, so it'll lag out. It'll have a ffc, which the vibrant should have had in the first place. And it won't have a notification LED. But holy cow, it comes with Inception, just like the first vibrant came Avatar, and people are stupid and won't know any better, so they'll buy it because it has decent, albeit a little outdated now, hardware and think its great, but then there are others of us who want more from our phones, but samsung didn't deliver and hasn't provided open source drivers or anything to the community to fix the phones everyone is now so disappointed in.

Thanks for that post, it was very interesting to say the least. AC should contact the OP and try and see if it's actually true and maybe cover it on the front page.

At this point every Samsung story turns into a gripe fest. They suck at updates the Behold 2 fiasco should have forwarned everyone this was going to happen. At this point just root your phone and install a froyo rom or quit complaining. It sucks you have to go that route but that's the relity of the situation. If your visiting this site your already beyond the average user so jump all the way in and start hacking. Its alot of fun and there are some great roms out there.

Instead of complaining or talking trash, just don't buy it. For everyone whining about a Froyo update, what's wrong with you? I've been running Froyo for months. Flash a ROM or two; easy. Have some fun and stop crying already. I love my Vibrant with Nero v5.

I love my epic 4g , but I will never buy another samsung product again bcuz I hate having bad azz hardware with out dated software


When you end up getting whatever phone to replace your Galaxy S, DON'T SELL YOUR GALAXY S. Samsung pays good money (like all the other OEMs do) to see what percent of internet traffic comes from which of their devices. So, if you sell your galaxy to somebody who doesn't care about froyo, gps, etc. Samsung will still see more of this traffic and assume, "Hey, looks like it doesn't matter if we screw them over. They're still using our phones!" Take your Galaxy S and put it in a shoebox. Then put some masking tape on the shoebox. Then write "ABYSMAL FAILURE/DISAPPOINTMENT" on the masking tape, so you'll know what's in there. Finally, tell all your friends and family (and anyone else that you believe is either gullible or not very tech-savvy) that Samsung phones secretly record every sound you make, all the time, including and especially when you pee.

Then watch as Samsung burns and sinks into nothingness like a pirate ship set ablaze in the night.

I wish.

I would never buy a sammy again my vibrant still don't have its update not to mention a bad GPS, and you want me to buy a new phone