Samsung Media Hub

Those of you with a T-Mobile Vibrant, AT&T Captivate or the new Sprint Epic 4G might have tried the "Media Hub" app only to find that it just doesn't work. That's by design, as Samsung has yet to launch the service that will bring TV shows and movies to your phone. But that all changes Sept. 16 in New York City, when Samsung unveils what it's been working on. Stay tuned, folks.


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Samsung to unveil Media Hub Sept. 16


Wait what? They shipped various Galaxy S phones (weeks ago?) on different carriers with an app that doesn't then have an event to show off what this (currently useless) app is used for?

That seems a little backasswards ;)

Yeah, but it does mean that its on your phone and you don't have to hunt for it in the market, and if it loads by default they can pop up and say "Yohoooo over here!" when its ready. End run around carriers crapware.

The big question for me is what is this going to cost?

Is is free, or are is Sammy going to want a subscription, and your carriers going to want their part too?

I believe all of your cost suggestions are wrong. Pretty sure you will be able to buy or rent movies and tv shows at iTunesish prices, which is far too expensive in my opinion. Think 3.99-4.99 to rent new release movies for something like 24 hours. Ridiculous.

Eww. I'll just stick with Netflix, request the DVD versions of movies & then rip them to play on my DX ;)

I hope they make most shows free... would definitely give them an edge over Hulu, which isn't even currently available (officially) on Android.

pass... good idea... poor execution then. Do love my new phone though :). At least they got that right.

Red Box. $1 new movie rentals. I agree with JAGOX, rip and watch. And I hope its somewhat like hulu also. That would be pretty bad ass!

B/c if you're going on a trip or something and don't have access to a DVD player, you can still watch the movie. It's not hard to figure out ;-P

Am I the only one that's more intrigued by the "announcement of it's latest android powered device" than "official unveiling of Samsung's Media Hub"?

Now that you mention it that is interesting. Things that make ya go hmmmmm. Probably just gonna hype up the whole Galaxy S line of phones some more though.