We're at Palau St. Jordi in Barcelona for tonight's Samsung Unpacked event. We're fully expecting to see a 10-inch tablet and probably the Galaxy S2. Will Sammy have something else up its sleeves? Only one way to find out -- Liveblog's after the break!

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r-nice says:

When does it start?

uranidiot says:

question 1: where's froyo for the samsung epic?
question 2: why is it taking soo long?
question 3: do you really think anyone in the U.S. is going to buy another samsung phone again after froyogate?
question 4: why didn't the U.S. galaxy s ship with froyo?
question 5: why don't you offer an extra $100 for the galaxy s 4G to those who turn in there Vibrants?
question 6: when will the samsung epic get gingerbread?
question 7: will the samsung epic 2 still have a keyboard?
question 8: why doesn't the Vibrant have flash?
question 9: why doesn't the galaxy s 4G have flash?
question 10: where's Android 2.2.1 for the samsung epic?

plainbrad says:

HAha android blogs don't ask the hard questions.No one is going to ask anyone at Samsung this.

icebike says:

At&t users: See this CNET article :

Free minutes.

when will i be able to have a galaxy s2 in my hand?

Well samsung.. here is ur last chance to show ur back... dont announce a new phone w/ 2.1 pllllease....

draco1277 says:

People will buy the new samsung phone, 1 its new, 2 its coming with gingerbread, 3 the specs on the samsung website has it coming with a flash and forward facing cam, and last but not least its not a iphone.

moises1204 says:

is this event going to be televised?