Samsung Smart Home

Smart Home aims to connect all your devices, appliances with a single app and a new protocol

Samsung has long been entrenched in the smartphone and tablet space. It's begun its push into wearables with the Galaxy Gear. And this week at CES, Samsung is inviting itself into your home.

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The new Samsung Smart Home aims to consolidate all your connected home appliances — yes, refrigerators, ovens, TVs ... whatever you've got — with one app, and one protocol to rule them all. And it intends to do so with a three-tiered process:

Device Control uses your mobile devices — phones, tablets or smartwatch — as well as a smart TV to control your home devices. Think lighting and air conditioning, Samsung says. If you're going out for the night, tell your phone (or watch — Samsung's pushing the Galaxy Gear hard in this initiative) "Going out," the lights will dim, and the temperature adjust accordingly. Or say "Good night" to turn everything off. And this will work anywhere, from any device.

Home View will let you peek in on your home through any connected cameras.

And Smart Customer Service lets you know when it's time to have your connected appliances serviced.

To get everything talking together, Samsung's rolling out its Smart Home Software Protocol (SHP for short) that'll let all your Samsung devices play nice. Samsung also says it'll open it up to other manufacturers, too. Whether they choose to do so is another matter.

Samsung's going to start with smart TVs and phones, and run with it from there. We'll get a better look this week at CES is Las Vegas. Be sure to swing by our CESlive hub for all the latest.


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Samsung turns its attention to your home at CES this week


Does this include Samsung making parts for fridges that are only 7 years old? They discontinued them two years ago according to the repairman!

Well gm discontinued parts for the 57 bell air but you can still get them. Can't make things forever

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Today's the first day of CES, right? When does it run til?

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Show floor doesn't actually open until Tuesday, but we'll have live stuff happening tonight Vegas time.

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>"Samsung also says it'll open it up to other manufacturers, too"

Yeah, like "Hey, pay tons of money and sign non-disclosures and give us some of your profits (and don't expect to participate in the protocol design) and we will let you use some of our protocol so you can be a second class citizen in the essentially Samsung-only ecosystem we are creating."

Maybe they can call it the Galaxy Gear protocol.

Why would you need to control your fridge??? As long as its on...

I'll stick with my Lowes Iris products for now.

Thank you, for telling me about Lowes iris. Those products are really good, and not to expensive.

Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).

You're welcome. Love our Iris... Its a newer product so their are constant additions and updates to the software. For $300 you can get a thermostat, outlet control and outdoor camera. Since we got it months ago, we have added quite a bit to it.

The thing about Iris is that a number of their gadgets interoperate with SmartThings - including all the sockets, their smoke/CO detector and their wall switches (all Z-Wave). They've apparently agreed to add the Zigbee HA protocol to their other products, so eventually everything should interoperate with SmartThings, Almond+, and the other things on Kickstarter as well. And in many cases, they're cheaper than going to get them online too, so really great.

Variety is key. Motorola phone, Samsung tablet, LG TV LCD, LG DVD, Panasonic TV, LG fridge, Sony stereo and HP laptop.

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Yeah. Not everybody (except Richard yarell) has all Samsung products. Samsung has to find a way to support multiple companies devices.

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You may not have been around the forums when he only bought HTC Evo/Sprint devices, then he jumped to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus, & now Samsung devices on T-Mobile.

He will probably jump to Motorola & AT&T soon. Haha!

I say no thanks to every 'cloud based server' solution.
Unless it will work without a third party involved I'm just not interested.

I suspect that not many manufacturers are going to adopt Samsung's protocol. Why leave the key functions of your system at the control of your competitor?

Because it may be an advantage to them if they can advertised that their device can be controlled with a smartphone. I have a galaxy S4. I wouldn't mind using it to control all of my appliances.

This is cool. I think my phone and tablet already work pretty good with my TV. More would be better. Hopefully they bring these new features to devices that are already on the market though!

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Did anyone notice circle 2?
I don't think I want cameras in all my appliances. (NSA)

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I have already automated with a Z-wave controller. I think home based controllers are much better and safer than the cloud controller. For example, if someone wants to hack the cloud, it is easier. But in order to hack your house, they need to know too many specific details such as your IP address or location or type of home automation controller, etc, etc.

To me, the whole cloud thing is just a bubble that will eventually pop.

Problem is.. What is anyone can hack and see whats happening or can do robbery or something... This is the problem.. Specially for me

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What actual Samsung appliances are connected online? Maybe I'm just out of the loop

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