We've already heard rumors of a Samsung face-mounted wearable in development and a new report may suggest an actual name. Previously dubbed 'Gear Glass,' a recent trademark application in Korea suggests such a device might actually be known as the 'Gear Blink.'

Any such product would be a direct competitor to Google Glass, and previous reports have slated this September's IFA 2014 event in Berlin, Germany, as where we'll get to see it for the first time. Traditionally Samsung throws a huge event at IFA, with previous years seeing the Galaxy Camera and Galaxy Gear introduced alongside new Galaxy Note devices.

So, Samsung or Google? Which would you prefer all up in your face?

Source: The Guardian

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ryanmtech says:

Interesting name.

But knowing Samsung, they will probably make these only compatible with their devices, like their other wearables.
This alone is enough for me to say no.

Even if I do eventually move back to a Samsung phone (doubtful) I still don't know if I want a device that would become useless if I switched again later in the future.

So Goog's all the way.

ChrisFricke says:

If Samsung does release a Glass competitor I bet it won't cost 1500 dollars...

kelayz says:

Yea it'll cost 2000

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NoNexus says:

You misspelled $700, which is what it would be to gain the marketshare before anyone else does.

jlczl says:

Not at all interested in putting tech on my face.

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glazedfaith says:

Whatever they come up with, if they continue to only have right-eye compatibility, they'll be missing out on my purchase just like glass has. I can't be the only person who needs left-eye compatibility, right?

deeb215 says:

I wouldn't want either but my money is on Samsung selling more than Google. Samsung's will most likely be cheaper and I'm sure they'll market it better than Google is doing with Glass.

theShiz says:

It'd be as silly as choosing Samsung music/movies over Google Movies/Music. One you can have only on one brand of devices that works only with the (sarcasm) ever awesome TouchWiz and it's mostly useless apps, and the other you can have on ANY Google ready Android device by a company that has been recently named the most valuable company in the world as their branding expands. Hmm.. lets see who wins.
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