Samsung has posted a new video teasing a new Galaxy Tab device. The thirty second video is rather interesting. In the beginning of the video you see a couple of people holding a regular Samsung Galaxy Tab... cool. But after their babbling, Samsung asks, "What's your Tab life?" The numbers 7,8,9, and 10 appear across the screen. Could those numbers be hinting at 7, 8.9, and 10 inch tablets? Soon after Samsung flashes some quick side shots of one or more devices. One quick screen shot grabbed by the Samsung HD Blog suggests that this Tab might be running Touch Wiz 4.0.

Well, I guess we'll have to find out next week in Orlando, Florida. And you can be sure we'll be there. Video after the break. [YouTube via Samsung HD Blog]


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Samsung teases more Galaxy Tab news during Samsung Mob!le Unpacked [video]


android on tabs is def the way to go as 3.0 is quite sexy. if i get a tab, this will prob b the one i get. I am pretty anxious to see how it turns out... however, i will b sticking with WebOS for my phone. HP just needs to release the damn pre3 alrdy :/

Please don't be running touchwiz. Hated it on my fascinate. I just want stock honeycomb on this thing. I think it's the perfect sized tablet.

I hope they are not going to mess around with anything other than Honeycomb on tablet devices. We don't want skins. The Android manufacturers need to start thinking about the bigger picture in terms of the development of the platform. Feel free to develop fantastic applications for your tablets that you provide free on your devices to differentiate them but don't tie users to an inferior UI. Even better, take those apps and make them available via the Market to deepen the quality of the platform, either paid or free (if they are brilliant apps, what better way to advertise your brand to a wider market than those who happened to buy your device).

Compete and compete fiercely (it is good for innovation) just understand that a coherent underlying platform with a depth of quality development will benefit all Android manufacturers in the long game.

But there is only one AWESOME custom UI which is Sense UI .. i've never seen anyone criticizing Sense UI (HTC) but on the other hand i've never seen anyone happy with MotoBlur xD and on TouchWiz case, there are some people who can't afford an jPhone (junkPhone) so they get either a Galaxy S or those type of phones that are basically a badly-made jPhone clone with Android,,,and touchwiz just completes the experience (which sucks)

I have Sense on my phone and run Launcher Pro Plus as it is more flexible. I think HTC have some really good software skills but think they would be better served creating value added apps for their devices (and maybe selling them on the Market too ... great way to promote their brand) than fully skinning the OS. Personally I think Sense is beginning to look a bit dated, particularly looking at their new tablet offering next to Honeycomb. I think there is definitely a better model for them than fully skinning the devices but ultimately the market will decide. I would be very tempted by their announced tablet if it was running Honeycomb but had their pen based apps included but am less interested with Sense involved. Just personal preference, I love HTC hardware but find Sense too restrictive.

Okay, is this a publicity stunt of the city of Orlando, because I'm really thinking about taking the plane and plan a little vacation in Florida. :)

I'm all for manufacturers customizing their android devices. Thousands of users frequent XDA forums looking for more customizations for their devices. Comparing touch wiz to ios is just ridiculous. It is light years ahead of ios. Add a launcher from the market and you have a much better experience than stock Android. Custom rom, like Darky's 9.3 for SGS and you can have the superphone of your dreams.

touchwiz and htc sense are both horrible.....gingberbread and honeycomb are the best! or just stock android in simple terms