Samsung Stealth V

A new Samsung smartphone has been outed by the DLNA certification organization. The Samsung Stealth V -- aka the SCH-i510. The certification summary notes it has a 4.3-inch screen and 8MP camera. The SCH-i510 designation isn't too far off the Verizon Fascinate, which is SCH-i500, for what that's worth. We'll just have to see, won't we? [DLNA Certification - PDF] Thanks, Cesar!


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Samsung Stealth V (SCH-i510) gains DLNA certification - now what is it?


Mhm maybe that lte phone their working on for Verizon and the SCH-510 is so close the fascinate model number and one more thing stealth v would go along with Verizon's stealthy Droid commercials

The problem is Verizon has TWO Galaxy class phones now... Fascinate and now the Continuum... which makes me think this may not be for Verizon.

Maybe Sprint perhaps?

Maybe but SCH-500 and SCH-510 are allmost the same model number and samsung is know to have almost identical model like rim for the phones exp.. storm 1 9530 storm 2 9550

Galaxy S2, anyone? GT-I9000=SCH-500, so does GT-I9010=SCH-510?

Sprint's device would start with SPH, by the way.

Another 4.3 inch phone on Verizon seems like it would start to be overkill. Between the Droid X.and the upcoming incredible HD. Time will tell I guess.

Why is the certification important?? DLNA is essentially just software, and Twonky Mobile brings DLNA to just about any Android device (for FREE no less!). I have an EPIC, which ships with Samsung's own "Allshare" DLNA app, but Twonky Mobile works just as good if not better! All under Android 2.1...not even running Froyo! The only thing I am not sure of is how older, or lower powered phones will run it. Someone with an older phone try it and tell me how it works!