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Samsung will be shutting down its Music Hub service on July 1, according to a statement the manufacturer has sent to customers of the service. In the email, Samsung is advising users to "take the time to download all purchased content and use any remaining vouchers for Samsung Music before July 1, 2014 -- after that date they will no longer be available."

While Samsung failed to reveal the reason behind the closure of the Music Hub, the email stated that the manufacturer is looking to replace the service with "an even better and more complete musical experience." There is no way to be sure, but it looks like Samsung is getting ready to roll out its subscription-based streaming service, Milk Music, to a wider audience.

"We would like to inform you that Samsung Music is no longer available from 1 July 2014. However, we will announce an even better and more complete musical experience as a replacement option for Samsung Music [...] We ask you to take the time to download all of your purchased content before 1 July 2014 and to redeem any remaining vouchers for Samsung Music."

After making its debut earlier this year, the Slacker-powered Milk Music service is available only in the US, and is limited to high-end Galaxy devices. If Samsung is looking to replace Music Hub with Milk Music, it has to bring compatibility to additional Galaxy smartphones and tablets, in addition to launching the service in more regions.

It looks like Samsung is already in the process of adding support for more handsets, as the changelog for the Milk Music app on the Play Store indicates that the service is now available on the Galaxy S3 mini.

Source: TechRadar, Via:SamMobile


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Samsung shutting down Music Hub this July, working on replacement service


And that's why ya don't buy into Samsung (or ANY manufacturer that uses Android approved by Google) content over Google's Play content.
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Or even go a step further and chose content delivery method that you have control over, rather than the "convenient for a while till it shuts down or you change your ecosystem then lose it have to pay for everything again" model of the cloud...

Google Play is more platform agnostic for sure, for now, but it's still a lock-in and still has the risk of shutting down or shutting you out someday, somehow.

Exactly. I still don't get these "I want a single company ecosystem, like Apple, just because I hate getting the best price".

I've bought a couple of albums on Samsung Music, simply because they were cheaper. I've bought a few books on Kindle too. It takes half a minute to compare the prices and surprisingly often you can save a euro or two on a purchase.

I understand what you are saying.

It's also why buying an online only device with regard to useful things for me isn't always ideal. It's convenient in the short term, but long term and for late adopters, it does have flaws.

In other words, I could still fire up my old N64 or my PS1, and have it work like it did at launch. For some modern devices overly dependent on cloud based services, 7 or 8 years from now, features that came out of the box could, potentially, be shut down and rendered inactive.

It's also why I still value buying things physically vs digitally. If the product costs a certain amount of money (video games, editing software, office suites, gaming consoles in general, desktop/laptop computers, etc., ) online only devices are pretty much a complete turn off for me. Which is partly why I am only just now becoming interested in Chromebook, as there are a growing number of offline applications and uses. Still can't buy anything through physical media and put it on the Chromebook as far as I know (due to lack of optical drives), so it's not perfect, but I really wouldn't mind a Chromebook now vs. how it was before.

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Milk music is a way better choice! But it still needs some work to compete. Good ridden to the hub I hated it!

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Why do they even make apps like these in the first place. Nobody uses them. This is shown in the study that was reported on

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While I believe you, do you have a link for that study?

I never use any of their services, but I do like Milk Music and use it regularly.

"We're shutting the service down, but you still won't be able to uninstall the bloatware app."

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Shutting it down and looking for a replacement service.

How about they just stop. No one likes Samsung's media offerings. Confusing UI and crappy. No thank you.

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