Now that folks are able to get their hands on the new Samsung Gear Fit along with the Galaxy S5, Samsung has taken to YouTube to post a commercial showing us all how we should be using the device on a daily basis.

It's a brief 30-second spot but it covers some real life scenarios such as rejecting a call without ever laying a finger on your phone as well as tracking your fitness data, if you're into all that. Go ahead and check out the video above.

Does it make you want to rush out and purchase one or even consider it? Let us know in the comments.


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Samsung shows us how we should be using the Gear Fit in new commercial


I got one the day they came out. The fit is awesome. Super light. Great screen. Works great on my note 3. I wish I could use it on my HTC one M8... without a hack.
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Short answer...nope. Long answer... Samsung makes junk phones in my opinion, and I really don't want a watch from them. Especially if it only works with their junk phones. Android wear will be the way to go for smart watches. The round design of the Moto 360 will be the only smart watch I would wear. When will all these companies realize that wearable tech doesn't have to look ridiculous.

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You don't have many friends do you....

Stating opinions as fact, bashing for no good reason, yeah...

I agree that the Moto 360 is my favorite wearable I've seen so far. What about Samsung phones make you feel like they're "junk" out of curiosity? I'm not a fan of TouchWiz, but the devices themselves seem quite solid to me. I genuinely want your opinion, here.

I can see myself using the Fit for running and the 360 for everything else. Too bad I need a Samsung phone.

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Battery life has been good so far... but I don't have all of the notifications set up like a had on my original gear. It used to go about 2 days with my use before needing a charge. The idle time seems way better than the original galaxy gear. ...IMO.

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To be honest it is very handy when you're in a meeting and can simple glance down at your wrist. Compared to trying to stealthfully pull out your phone to see who is calling/texting/etc. and then have your boss shoot you a glance.

How about while I'm on my motorcycle? I hear the ring in my headset but I don't want to pull my phone out of my jacket. I can review and accept/decline the call from my watch. Is that alright with you?

this stuff is not universal tho, there is a preset algorithm based on a model which almost every person that wears this will not fit.

I'm gonna wait to see the comparison with the Moto 360 before I decide which to buy.
Every review I see with the fit shows me one more thing it can't do and I don't want to settle.
Won't automatically count steps.
Can't use voice to reply to text.

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Mine lasts currently about 4 days. It will make it to the fifth day but it usually dies by 7am so I don't count that. I have had mine for about 8 days. ( it came last Monday.) It's been 24 hours since my last charge and im at 88% battery. I always keep it in with the bluetooth connected to my phone and I have it sync weather hourly and the pedometer is always on. So overall it's the best fitness band on the market by a long shot. The Super AMOLED display is stunning. People are shocked at its clarity. Notifications are pushed from your phone instantly. If it was any faster I would think that the fit was receiving the messages instead of my Note 3.

It's not a smart watch so let's not compare apples and oranges here.

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Picked up my Gear Fit Sunday and haven't had it long enough to get a large sample of how well everything works. However, so far I really like it. I have the Note 3 that I pair it with. The only issues are that the S Health version I have is 2.5.5, not the newer 3.0 that comes on the Galaxy S5. It may be that 3.0 requires Kit Kat as my update has been sitting on my phone for a while and I haven't installed it due to many others having battery, app, and other issues with it. Also you need to have the stock weather widget enabled to push weather and it does not work with 4.3 on my phone, though it could be my custom launcher interfering. Everything else is great though.

I've been using a Gear Fit for the past four days doing several types of activities and here are my impressions. The Pedometer seems to off quite a bit in some cases. While running with a secondary HRM/GPS on my other wrist, the Gear Fit can be wildly inaccurate. My normal 3.5 mile running course was a mile long on the Gear Fit. Generally just walking around the house gives elevated readings for the numbers of steps taken.
While I was cycling and had to come to a stop for a light or stop sign the Gear Fit recognised I was at a standstill and wanted to stop the workout. That was a little frustrating
Plusses were the notifications. Sometimes when viewing in landscape the wraparounds were a little messed up but I generally got the gist of what was going on. Hopefully there will be some updates to work on the pedometer and other things but I do think it is a great start.

The Gear Fit looks good, Battery life is excellent, But if only it would work with the S Health app on the S4. Have to use the "Fitness with Gear " application, which is useless. Been told by Samsung that an upgrade to S Health for the S4 will be coming. But only when? Using the Gear Fit as it is with the Samsung S4, is a waste of money even there are some nice features like notification, media controller etc. But without being compatible with S Health it's useless. Unfortunately all the reviews seems to be done with the S5 and not the S4. I am sure I am not the only one who has to stick with the phone for 2 years and more. Once the compatibility issue bee solve and the device can be used fully with S Health on the S4, then it's definitely a good fitness accessory, until then forget it.

I wouldlike if I could talk with the Gearfit instead of my Galaxys5 when I'm
exercising also answer a text. Besides that it works fines.