Samsung USA Headquarters

Striking new headquarters hopes to reinvigorate Samsung innovation and U.S. presence

Following up on its previous announcement that the company will build a new U.S. headquarters in San Jose, California, Samsung is set to break ground on the new facility this week. The strikingly beautiful structure, which is designed by NBBJ, will end up being 10 stories tall and cover 1.1 million square feet. The glass and metal tower (shown above) will be accented by a parking structure and amenity pavilion. The design firm says that the building is meant to invite the community on campus with cafes and a "Samsung expo" at the corner.

The building is expected to be finished in 2015 at a total cost of $300 million, and will end up being the workplace for 2,000 Samsung employees in both R&D and sales. The goal for this new San Jose headquarters is to bring Samsung closer to the Silicon Valley tech scene, where companies like Google, Apple and Facebook have their world headquarters.

Construction is expected to begin this week, and in the meantime you can see several beautiful renders of what the finished product will look like at NBBJ's website below.

Source: NBBJ; TechCrunch

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Daf L says:

TBH, looks pretty ugly to me. Looks like a block of UK flats (apartments) from the 60s on top of a shop.

I can't see this design standing the test of time, although in real-life it may be more inspiring.

JR A says:

I'm sure it'll look better in real life.

I just wonder where in San Jose will this be. I live in San Jose and can only think of a few places where Samsung would have this.

speednut says:

Samsung leveled all of its buildings at the NW corner of 1st St. & Tasman Dr. It's fenced off and has lots of heavy construction machinery moving around the lot. The torn down (unusual for the Bay Area) red brick buildings are still visible in Google street view and Sat view. I'd suspect that's where this behemoth is destined for in the midst of the hundred and one Cisco buildings...

mwara244 says:

Would love to see Samsung bring Manufacturing and/ or assembly hear instead of another HQ

Jay Holm says:

Does break ground actually mean break ground? As in construction, heavy equipment? Sometimes construction takes a long time.

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felisberto says:

Dumb move,Samsung should save this money to pay Apple fine.

Aaron Watson says:


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mssca says:

Apple fanboy I guess...

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hodan says:

I think it's gorgeous, and having a home-based in the U.S. will be huge, I like it.

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pnazzo78 says:

I would love to find out how to apply for a position there!

Daf L says:

I'd hazard a guess that if you don't have the intuition to find out how to apply for a job there then you wouldn't be suitable for a job there, or anywhere.

MarkSeven says:

Everyone needs a little direction. That's why we have Google Maps. Lol.

Don't be so quick to judge.

Daf L says:

Okay then, here's a little direction:
Hope the OP is now eternally happy.

Hey daf that was a lowlife comment you piece of shit

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Daf L says:

Well glad you managed to add such a highbrow comment to maintain the decorum... sigh.

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se1000 says:

Am I the only one that thinks they should make it out of polycarbonate..... for multiple reasons? Hahaha

mwara244 says:

I wonder where they'll put the "Home" button, it's not samsung unless there is a Home Button on it

that looks like a fancy prison?

jmartinbsu says:

Why companies continue to build in California is beyond me. There are a number of states that not only tax their businesses and citizens (ie, potential Samsung employees) at a significantly lower rate but they still offer geographical advantages too.

Oh, and I agree, it does look like a prison.

ConTejas says:

Wait....Sammy used glass and metal?! Muhahaha

Aaron Watson says:


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JobiWan144 says:

So what happens to all their stuff in Dallas? If it's going away, I might miss all the Samsung advertising in the DFW airport.

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troyboytn says:

As someone who has studied architecture, this is certainly an interesting and unique design, however, in my eyes, the rendering is well.....ugly as sin. As someone said above, this looks more like a prison....maybe an government building or such than a commercial or corp. office building. Hopefully for you guys in San Jose, the completed structure will be much more pleasing to the eyes than this rendering. i know I personally wouldn't want this thing in my city.

Gearu says:

Very nice.

In before someone asks if it's plastic.