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Samsung has released an update for the Gear 2 smartwatch, soon after the company switched the original Galaxy Gear's platform from Android to its own Tizen. This update takes the software version up to and adds Blocking Mode, which essentially enables users to mute notifications. The new mode is perfect for those times when you simply do not wish to be disturbed (hint: when sat in a cinema).

The mode can also be configured to be activated whilst asleep, further expanding the support for other features offered by the product (sleep monitoring). As well as the new privacy mode, improvements for S Health and general stability were also included in the update, which is available for download through the Gear Manager app. Let us know how you get on with your updated hardware.

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Samsung improves S Health in Gear 2 update, introduces new Blocking Mode


My Gear Fit has had this mode from the beginning. I just assumed the other Gears had it already. I guess the RTOS gets quicker updates than Tizen. Surprised this wasn't pushed out for the Gear 2 in the beginning. It's a useful mode to have.

I just set up a brand new Neo today (happy Father's day to me) and it had me download an update. However no blocking mode so it's not this update. Fingers crossed though.

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I just got the update about 30 minutes ago... I don't notice a lot of new things...

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Exactly! What's the hold-up Samsung? I don't want to Odin in another country! I want the US version!

Received the update on 17.06.2014 in the evening.... Location Germany.

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Update came through this evening, no noticeable difference - I'm really liking the Gear 2 in general with one exception and that is I wish we had the option of having the watch lit all the time, that it would be at least dim and brighten with movement, I'm used to charging it daily like my phone so having to charge often is no big deal

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