New flat design and a few social-friendly features

Samsung has just pushed out an update to its ChatON messenger app, which has streamlined the interface and added a few new features. While it may have been popular, ChatON was far from a beautiful app before today — the new interface changes that considerably with a notably flatter design that keeps the white, grey and orange color scheme but adds in some "holo" design elements.

The "My page" feature has been improved as well, letting you change the background image for your page to give it a more personal feel. You and your friends can now share media to each other's pages as well — from your own uploaded media to content from Samsung's LIVEpartners.

If you happen to be one of the 100 million ChatON users out there, be sure to go grab an update to the latest version. It's a big update that is worth taking a look at.

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jeddo45 says:

I'm good without it...

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Jay Holm says:


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Be great if they redesign their shitty gingerbready touchwiz system apps like the contacts and messenging apps, with holo UI.
Hell, I think they're using their exact same app code from gingerbread, because these app have laggy scrolling by default and I have to force gpu rendering in the developer settings to fix that.

This is coming from a Note 2 owner so I don't know what's in the S4 and Note 3.

Glenn Correa says:

Kinda Holo but not enough for me to use it.

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Jay Holm says:

Does anyone actually use this?

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If you actually read the article, you would have noticed that 100 million people use it.

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BB_Bmore says:

Don't worry Jay many of us skip the articles sometimes and just post off of the title.


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Jlav78 says:

100 million people have used it. They could have signed up and never used it

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jtcromer says:

No reason to be an asshole.

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...or is that how many Samsung claims use it?

it could be like Google+ that's there as standard as soon as u open it it signs u up :D

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flipponater says:

I have never even heard of it!haha!but i have never used a Samsung phone

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I'm his buddy. :)

cwmont13 says:

Bloatware never use it and don't know anyone who does!

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abtxpress says:

It wasn't preinstalled on my gs3. I had to dl from market. My family and I use it all the time.

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Jlav78 says:

Preinstallled on mums s3.

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dchawk81 says:

Preinstalled and subsequently removed from my GS3.

Jstars says:

Yeahhhh .. Is a Chaton user counted because the app is on the phone?
100,000,000 installed apps ... 100 actual users?

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XavierMatt says:

People use this?

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EeZeEpEe says:

Too many chat apps out there. I stick with Facebook Messenger and Hangouts because everyone I know has one or the other or both. Plus I can continue conversations on any computer.

DAS says:

I actually use it all the time, and it works very good. My kids are 7 and 9, and apps like Facebook, Twitter, or even Textplus are a bit much at there age so my wife and don't allow them to use it.

But with ChatOn installed on their individual Galaxy Player devices, and our Samsung phones, they can text directly with with mom and dad along with some other really cool features.

It's a great app for communication between family members who all gave Samsung devices.

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THE Man2 says:

It's got the best video chat

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jrsharp70 says:

I just want hangouts to be like iMessage. Chat, sms, face time all in one without having 2 different apps.

Hangouts does all the things you mentioned. Sms, chat, video, works on computer

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EeZeEpEe says:

SMS isn't the same as instant messaging. You can't send a message directly to a phone number. Not yet at least.

Chaton sucks it never made the difference because samsung lacked innovation in this app surprisingly.

I am a fan of whatsapp and wechay5 on my s4 I cant delete it without root but on HTC is better laid never installed.

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