Samsung Olympics App

App currently is only available on Samsung devices, though ...

Samsung this week has unveiled its official application for the Sochi Winter Olympics, which begin next month. 

The app is pretty good, breaking things down by sport, country and athletes, with easy links to schedules. You can get more information on the event venues in Russia, check out videos and photo galleries — and even see which events are wheelchair accessible. It's easy to follow your favorite athletes and sports as well.

As of the time of this writing, you're only able to install the app on Samsung devices. (Reading the press release again, though, it sounds like that might just be an oversight, so check back to see if more devices are added.) You can also install from the Samsung App Store, if that's how you roll.

(And should you want more information on Samsung products, there's a big banner link at the bottom of the app to help you out. Of course.)

Anyhoo. It's a good app. Give it a whirl.


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Samsung rolls out its Sochi Winter Olympics app


They really should've made it available to all, push that big banner ad on people who don't already have a Samsung phone and are thinking "if this app is good, maybe other Samsung products are too. *click*".

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Does this mean we are going to see a Samsung device in the hands of every Olympics participant at the closing cermony like we did last time?

The Galaxy Note 3 is the 'official phone' of the event. All athletes are being given one :)

Total Note 3 sales will overtake total S4 sales soon.

If it's stock then it must have it hidden away somewhere, Samsung hasn't omitted their app store since before the S3. Try the Samsung Hub

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Yeah its just not on my phone. Its not in the Hub, its not disabled in my apps, nothing. Even Samsung customer service is escalating to some other dept. Not that I really care about it, but its just one of things where now i have to know why its missing, ha ha.

Why it need all those permissions? Remove lockscreen password and kill background tasks.


I was just about to install it until I saw all the permissions they wanted. They need to explain a lot better why all of this is needed.

Agreed. Disappointing and won't install it.
These apps - even ones that could help me dial a number, need to be explicit that you can turn off the crap you don't want to use or want them to have access to. My phone? Kill other apps, etc. NO

I hope that app developers soon realize that they MUST explain the reasons for any obscure permissions required. Personal device security is no joke.

Someone needs to develop an app that can become a control panel/manager for all your other apps, allowing you to shut off and block any individual app permissions/functions you want.
Shutting off any app's internet connection background deviousness for example.