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There be rumors out there I tell ye. The word on the street (well according to is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab collection is to get an update to Ice Cream Sandwich starting next month with a roll out through August.

As far as we are aware there is no official word from Samsung regarding this so believe what you will, but it would be jolly nice wouldn't it?

The tipster that has 'alleged ' the ICS updates will improve both battery life and general speed. I should think so too!

The list of devices mentioned are as follows:

Clearly if we get the nod from Samsung on this one we will let you know. Until then you Galaxy Tab owners had better keep your fingers crossed.

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Samsung to roll out Android 4.0 to the tab line up starting next month?


It would be really, REALLY nice if they included the original Galaxy Tab. But, I suspect the hardware is too weak to handle ICS, It often appears that we early adopters are left out, after a year or so. That is also the case with my Galaxy Epic 4G. I will be eligible for an upgrade on the Epic later this year. But, I don't think there is such a thing as upgrades for Tablets.

Someday, others will be talking the same way about a future upgrade for the GSIII!

I agree about updating older devices, but sometimes I feel like my Nexus S struggles with stock ICS. It isn't uncommon for me to launch a couple apps in close succession and bang out some work then to hit the home key and find the launcher has to redraw my app icons and reload the calendar widget and tray icons.

ICS seems to be a bit more RAM hungry than its predecessors.

Samsung has said the original Galaxy Tab won't get ICS but instead get an update with some of the features of ICS. They claimed it wouldn't bring enough "value" to update it to ICS.

"They claimed it wouldn't bring enough "value" to update it to ICS"

It sounds like they have no idea developers making apps for there devices

I thought that there was an article shortly after that said that they reevaluated the value pack for the tab and said they were working on ICS for it. I could be wrong.

I kind of want ICS on my original tab. But at this point I've accepted gingerbread. This isn't official either, so there is still a little hope lol

I've successfully installed ICS on my 'old' HTC HD2 (using XDA chef rom). Worked just fine. Can't see why it wouldn't work on our Tab7's. At least give us the option.

Too little too late folks. What seemed like a March rollout has spiralled way off target. Looks like an August release at the earliest. Glad I sold my Tab 10.1 and got an A510.

Sure hope this is true. I have had a couple online chats with Samsung support asking when the ICS update would arrive. Back in April I was told May. At the end of May I was told in 2 weeks. If they do not have the correct info I would just like to be told that and not lied to continually.

And the wait continues. I have to wonder if ICS will come to the Google I/O TouchWiz-less GT-P7510? Yeah, that's the one. Vanilla all the way!

Sorry but this is crap that it took this long. In my book this update will be 4 months late. It should of been out by the end of march not this crap taking until what will be the end of July.

I will not buy another Samsung tablet because of them taking this long. My galaxy tab 10.1 will be replaced by another company in future and that company will sure as well not be samsung. I am voting with my wallet. Also means I will not buy a Samsung phone (unless it is a nexus) The other company have a good chance but not Samsung.