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As we have seen with all of the Galaxy S series phones, Samsung has released its own commercial for the new Galaxy Tab.  The 30-second spot showcases the way the Tab can fit into your busy lifestyle, and should be a big hit with it's upbeat feel and cheery atmosphere.  You can check it out after the jump, and keep an eye out for it on your television -- I have a feeling there's going to be one heck of a push behind this one. [Samsung Mobile]

And Samsung also has an official Galaxy Tab page, which you can find here.


YouTube link for mobile viewing


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Samsung reveals the 'official' Galaxy Tab commercial


Its a sweet device and will bear a large grunt of my phones browsing time. Hmm, so where does the android phone evo, droid x, galaxy balance with the tab? Id love to have one without the cellular tie. Just wifi then it would be perfect for my needs. Hope samsung keeps the wifi only wildcard for themselves. The 7" looks sufficient too. I don't think ill be an early adopter on the tablets. Im going to see what develops over the holidays. HTC TAB?!

Yes...HTC TAB. Being new to Android (EVO), I've been "raised" on HTC sense and I love it. My co-worker has a Samsung Vibriant and there are more than a couple things about the overlay I didn't care for. I like the Samsung tablet but think I'd like an HTC version since I'm use to it already. I know it most likely won't have Sense but I like the HTC brand, both hardware/software that exists on the EVO. The next couple of months before the holidays should be exciting. Hopefully there will be a couple more tablet options before the end of the year.