Samsung foldable display

Samsung is reportedly said to be working on a tablet with a foldable display that can fold in on itself into a smartphone form factor. The device will allegedly be launched in 2015.

Talk about flexible displays is not new. In fact, the first Samsung patents that referenced the tri-fold display were from 2012, which highlighted how a smartphone can be folded outward to morph into a tablet. At the time, it was indicated that the technical knowhow needed to bring such a device to fruition would be in place by the end of 2015 or 2016.

However, it looks like Samsung is closer to achieving that goal, as news out of South Korea mentions that the manufacturer has already created a few prototypes of a device with a foldable display, and that a commercial launch may be on the cards sometime in 2015.

The tablet will allegedly feature an 8-inch or 9-inch full-HD OLED screen. There hasn't been any official confirmation from Samsung on these rumors, but a rumour from earlier this year revealed that Samsung was showcasing a bendable tablet prototype behind closed doors at the MWC.

While a tri-fold design is interesting, it isn't the only foldable device Samsung is alleged to be working on. The next version of the Galaxy Note phablet is said to feature a three-sided YOUM display that allows you to view incoming notifications from an angle.

Even if such a tri-fold tablet/smartphone device made its way onto the market next year, it is likely that it will be sold in limited quantities in select regions, like the Galaxy Round. At this stage, it is unclear as to how the user interface would be tailored to take advantage of the foldable display, or the internal hardware that would be featured in the device.

Would you guys be interested in such a tablet? What are your major concerns with a foldable display? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Daum; Via: SamMobile


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Samsung reportedly working on a foldable tablet, debut planned for 2015


Heck I'd buy this. I mean everyone right now is on the verge or always thinking about buying a tablet. If a there would be a phone/tablet transformer then I would buy it. This makes a lot of sense if executed well.

If the display is only 1080p then the resolution in phone mode will be very low. You have to do this in 2k or 4k to keep folded resolution acceptable.

YES YES YES! Take my money. Phones/Phablet designs have stalled. This is what I have been looking for! Its the future and its here. Add in a 20MP with optical zoom and I dont know how much more we have to do! This will only work if the battery power is there though.

If it's 8-9 inches in tablet mode how small is the screen when it's a phone? Tri fold seems like it would be small.

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Probably the center of trifold screen would be largest and the others would fold behind it

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It wouldn't really be small, 1/3 the width plus full height of a 9" panel doesn't chop the diagonal to a third of that (3"), at 9" it would be about a 5.1" screen, at 8" about a 4.6"screen.

Either way though that's moot since the diagram clearly shows the screen folding to the inside with a separate screen for phone mode.

I can't imagine how sturdy this would have to be, will they make a case as e for it

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Yeah moving parts on phones or tablets are usually bad...we'll see how sturdy it can get...

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Being am about to sell my Note 3 to get a Note 10.1 2014 edition, because I don't want two large devices, to have a phone that became a tablet when you stroke it would solve that problem.

I'd definitely buy one only if the phone sizing matches my note 3, and tablet size is 10.1 at a minimum. Anything smaller in tablet size is just useless. It has to match or better current Note3 and Note 10.1 2014 for sizes. And also includes an spen.

Looks like "40" in the patent drawing has magnets that goes with blue area. Should be interesting.

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Project ara is innovated! Holefully it will let google cut into samsung's marketshare.

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Sony came out with a foldable tablet but it was crap and only had a 5.5" display.
Some people like to crap on Samsung but this is real innovation. A folding phone/tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard could be a serious productivity device.
Asus might be on the right track - but the design needs to improve. I am still interested in the Transformer V though.
I think these type of devices are the future.

I think the main hardware would be under center part and the sides fold gives it bit more thickness I guess...let's see what comes up next year

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I am happy with my Note3 and 10.1 2014 tablet. Folding isn't going to make me switch. I have the best. Very pleased

Posted from my awesome Note3

Yep, my note 3 is about as large as I care to go. Beside, this thing looks thicker than crap. Would be like sticking a 400 page paperback book in your pocket

Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

This is the next big thing in phones and tablets and will change everything. We will finaly get a device that can be used as a viable phone and tablet and eventually as a computer also. Also this will usher in the all in one device meaning phone, tablet, and computer. I think this will be a complete game changer. Right now phones and tablets for the most part are very small changes on new models but let's be honest the differences between the note 1 and note 4 are impressive but not anything mind blowing. This will be mind blowing!